Resurrection: Azel−パンツァードラグーンRpg
20th Anniversary Arrangement

Brave Wave Productions 04/15/2018 Vinyl - Limited edition

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# Track   Duration
Side A
1.Ecce valde generous ale(見よ,いと貴き翼) 
# Track   Duration
Side B
# Track   Duration
Side C
# Track   Duration
Side D
5.Sona mi areru ec sancitu(其は聖なる御使いなりや) 
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Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga

Brave Wave presents, in an official collaboration with SEGA, Digital, CD & Vinyl Release of “Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement”

Brave Wave presents, in an official collaboration with SEGA, Digital, CD & Vinyl Release of “Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement”

Composer Saori Kobayashi Reunites With Vocalist Eri Ito To Bring Forth A Brand New Take On Legendary The Panzer Dragoon Saga Soundtrack Brave Wave is proud to announce the upcoming release of a new arrangement soundtrack for the legendary SEGA Saturn RPG, Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Saori Kobayashi, the game's original co-composer, has selected 20 tracks from the original game and given them fresh, new arrangements that will allow longtime series fans to reminisce about the game's iconic music while simultaneously experiencing it in a brand new way.
The album will commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the original game, which was released in Japan on January 29, 1998.
This album is officially licensed by SEGA, who have provided the game's original art assets for use in the album's package design.

Joining Kobayashi is Eri Ito, one of the original vocalists for the game. She lends her powerful and dramatic vocals to two songs. Five tracks are backed by the Washington D.C.-based video game music band, Triforce Quartet, with three songs featuring the backing of Boston-based flutist Maho Azuma.

Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement will be released on digital January 29, 2018, exactly 20 years to the day of the game's original launch. It will be sold on digital music stores including Bandcamp and iTunes, streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music, and on CD and Vinyl.
The Vinyl Edition, which ships in early April, will come on 2 purple vinyl discs. The CD edition will ship in early March.

The CD and Vinyl editions will each feature dual covers with the English title on one side and the Japanese on the other. Both designed by Cory Schmitz, the CD will come in a Digipak, while the Vinyl will be housed in a Double Gatefold.
The inner designs will feature artwork of one of the game's environments. The booklet will contain archival artwork, staff photography, reflective essays by James Mielke of Tigertron, as well as Liner Notes by Eri Ito, Panzer Dragoon Saga Director Yukio Futatsugi, Panzer Dragoon Orta Director Akihiro Mukaiyama and others.

Digital Version on Bandcamp
CD Version (North America via Fangamer)
CD Version (Europe/Australia/Middle East via BigWax)
Vinyl Version (North America via Fangamer)
Vinyl Version (Europe/Australia/Middle East via BigWax)

For more information, visit the official SEGA website at
Follow Brave Wave on Twitter at @BraveWaveMusic for all the latest announcements.

20th Anniversary Arrangement Album Staff

Composer and Arranger: Saori Kobayashi
Vocalist: Eri Ito
Backing: Triforce Quartet
First Violin: Christopher Ferrara
Second Violin: Jacob Roege
Viola: Stanley Beckwith
Cello: Chad Schwartz
Flutist: Maho Azuma (MahoFlute)
Essayist: James Mielke
Liner Notes: Former Team Andromeda Staff
Saori Kobayashi
Eri Ito
Yukio Futatsugi
Akihiko Mukaiyama
Yukifumi Makino
Producer: Mohammed Taher
Album Director: Alexander Aniel

Panzer Dragoon Saga was originally released in Japan on January 29, 1998 for the SEGA Saturn. It brought the epic Panzer Dragoon world into the realm of 3D RPGs, whose popularity exploded globally in the late 90s. The U.S. and European releases were available in limited quantities and today enjoy a status as a rare game item highly sought after by game collectors. Panzer Dragoon Saga was preceded by two rail shooters, Panzer Dragoon (1995) and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei (1996). A sequel, Panzer Dragoon Orta, brought the series back into the realm of rail shooters and was released for the Microsoft Xbox in December 2002.
Panzer Dragoon Saga and AZEL -Panzer Dragoon RPG- are ⓒSEGA. All rights reserved. Licensed for use by Brave Wave Productions.

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