Le Collier rouge

Milan Music 03/23/2018 Download
Milan Music 03/30/2018 CD (3299039800324)
Movie Film release: 2018

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# Track   Duration
1.Les soldats partent en guerre2:28
2.Lantier et le chien0:50
3.Le bateau0:44
4.Les tranchées0:00
5.Soldats retournent du front1:39
6.Le juge en vélo0:59
7.Le jour d'après1:49
8.Morlac plaisante avec Valentine0:47
9.Déclaration de guerre0:43
10.Morlac part à la guerre0:49
11.La vieille dame0:54
13.Solidarité dans les tranchées1:45
14.L'attaque du chien0:54
16.La lettre0:44
17.L'amant présumé0:41
18.Nuit chaude0:30
20.Le 14 juillet1:31
21.Au revoir au chien0:50
22.Réunion avec le chien1:21
23.Réuni avec Valentine et son fils6:38
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The Red Collar (Le Collier Rouge)

Milan Records releases Johan Hoogewijs' score on 03/23/18

Milan Records wil release on March 23rd 2018 Johan Hoogewijs' score to The Red Collar. The Red Collar is the new film by French director Jean Becker (Élisa, The Children of the
marshland, A Crime in Paradise, Love Me No More), starring François Cluzet, Nicolas
Duvauchelle and Sophie Verbeek.

In 1919, in a small town in the province of Berry, France, under the crushing heat of summer heat wave, a war hero is being held prisoner in an abandoned barracks. In front of the door to his prison, a mangy dog barks night and day. Miles from where he is being held, in the French countryside, a young extraordinarily intelligent woman works the land, waiting and hoping. A judge whose principles have been sorely shaken by the war is travelling to an unknown location to sort out certain affairs of which it is better not to speak. Three characters. In their midst, a dog who holds the key both to their destinies and to this intriguing plot. Johan Hoogewijs is one of the most renowned Belgian composers. As an autodidact, his styles differ as he composes for film and TV since the 80’s: pop, jazz, electronic compositions but also classical and contemporary works for orchestra. His diversity, which characterizes his music, is appreciated by producers and directors in Belgium and the Netherlands. Still, his typical musical touch is
recognized by many listeners. Apart from his work for radio, television and film, he also made music for several modern dance choreographers. (Bud Blumenthal / Michèle Noiret). He created hundreds of jingles for the public Belgian network (BRT1- BRT2- STUDIO BRUSSEL- RADIO1). More then 300 episodes of drama-series gives him a lot of experience and insight in composing for the image. He composed for The Red Collar (Le Collier Rouge) a brilliant soundtrack full of beautiful melodies and themes!


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