Works of Yasushi Akutagawa

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# Track   Duration
1.Where Chimneys Are Seen (1953) 煙突の見える場所 Entotsu no mieru basho1:53
2.A Cat, Two Women, and One Man (1956) 猫と庄造と二人のをんな Neko to shōzō to futari no onna1:00
3.Dosanko (1958) 道産子 (どさんこ) Dosanko4:24
4.Fires on the Plain (1959) 野火 Nobi1:50
5.Zero Focus (1961) ゼロの焦点 Zero no shōten3:34
6.An Actor’s Revenge (1963) 雪之丞変化 Yukinojō henge2:18
7.The Scarlet Camellia (1965) 五瓣の椿 Goben no tsubaki4:53
8.Shadow Wave (1965) 波影 Nami kage3:51
9.The Shadow Within (1970) 影の車 Kage no kuruma5:59
10.Portrait of Hell (1969) 地獄変 Jigokuhen11:13
11.Mount Hakkōda (1977) 八甲田山 Hakkōda-san6:10
12.Village of the Eight Tombs (1977) 八つ墓村 Yatsuhaka-mura8:36
13.The Demon (1978) 鬼畜 Kichiku6:22
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