Johto Legends
Music from Pokémon Gold and Silver

Materia Collective 01/19/2018 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Journey to Johto (Overture) 
2.The Adventure Begins 
3.A Morning in New Bark Town 
4.Route 29 
5.Battle! Wild Pokémon (Johto Version) 
6.Violet City 
7.Sprout Tower 
8.Battle! Pokémon Trainer (Johto Version) 
9.Johto Pokémon Gym 
10.Battle! Johto Gym LeaderBraxton Burks featuring Michaela Nachtigall 
11.Azalea Town 
12.Trouble at Slowpoke Well 
13.Battle! Team Rocket Grunt 
14.Goldenrod City 
15.National ParkBraxton Burks featuring Augustine Mayuga Gonzales 
16.Ecruteak City 
17.The Burned Tower 
18.A Tale of Three Beasts I. The FireEric Buchholz 
19.A Tale of Three Beasts II. Resurrection 
20.A Tale of Three Beasts III. Encounter 
21.Lake of Rage 
22.Team Rocket Strikes BackBraxton Burks featuring Carlos Eiene 
23.Dark Cave 
24.Battle with Ho-OhPatti Rudisill 
25.Whirl Islands (Surf Theme) 
26.Lugia's SongBraxton Burks featuring Kristin Naigus 
27.Battle! Rival Trainer (Johto Version)FamilyJules 
28.Final Showdown! Pokémon Champion Battle 
29.Ending Theme 
30.Epilogue ~ The Road to Tohjo Falls (Route 26) 
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