Eden - Paradise Lost

Redrocca 12/15/2017 Download

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# Track   Duration
2.And so It Begins3:56
3.Beyond the Coast1:36
4.It Starts to Crumble2:27
5.Call This a Home1:53
6.Head Space2:42
7.A Turn for the Worse2:18
8.Fog is Coming1:46
10.Daily Struggle1:52
11.Within a Bubble0:00
12.Paranoia Destroys Her2:15
13.Wilderness Woods1:57
14.We're Going Crazy0:00
15.The Experiment1:27
16.Lord of the Flies2:21
18.Worker Ants1:57
19.Waves of the Unease2:05
20.The Tension Seeker1:52
21.Through Branches2:10
22.Snapping Twigs1:54
23.Bright and Early0:39
24.Can't See the Trees for the Wood1:47
25.In the Woods1:51
26.Not Wholly Sold1:49
27.Fronds for Life1:54
28.Leaving in the Rain1:54
29.Friends Clump1:50
30.Ticking Under1:41
31.Hard Graft1:39
32.The Flood2:08
34.Stunning Scenery1:40
35.Out of Body1:31
36.New Day2:14
38.First Eden1:39
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