Sonic Forces: Hero Will Rise

9WW 12/13/2017 CD (4571164384085)

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# Track   Duration
1.Fist Bump 
2.Theme of the Resistance-Title Screen ver. 
3.Cutscene-Quickening of Evil 
4.Lost Valley 
5.Cutscene-A Hero Falls 
6.Theme of the Resistance 
7.This Is Our World-A New Hero 
8.Fighting Onward-Space Port 
9.Action on the Rails 
10.Cutscene-It's Good to See a Sonic 
11.Ghost Town 
13.Cutscene-Frightful Reflection 
14.Nowhere to Run-Prison Hall 
15.Cutscene-Zavok Appears 
16.Battle with Death Queen 
17.Egg Gate 
18.Danger in the Sky 
19.Arsenal Pyramid 
20.Arsenal Pyramid-Interior 
21.Double Boost! 
22.Luminous Forest 
23.Coiled to Strike 
24.Taking It Back 
25.This Is Our World-Phase 1 
26.This Is Who You Are 
27.Up To The Challenge 
28.Mission Failed 
29.Fist Bump-Instrumental ver. 
30.Fist Bump-Piano ver. 
# Track   Duration
2.Cutscene-You May Call Me Infinite 
3.Battle with Infinite-First Bout 
4.Faded Hills-Green Hill 
5.Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II 
6.Cutscene-The Phantom Ruby~Evil Deed 
7.Justice-Park Avenue 
8.Casino Forest 
9.Moonlight Battlefield-Aqua Road 
10.Sunset Heights 
11.Cutscene-The Fake 
12.Virtual Enemies-Capital City 
13.Cutscene-This Is Your Moment! 
14.Battle with Infinite-Second Bout 
15.Cutscene-Divine Intervention 
16.Chemical Flow-Chemical Plant 
17.Fist Bump-FM ver. 
18.Red Gate Bridge 
19.Mark II Locks On 
20.Battle with Metal Sonic (US ver. Remix) 
21.Double Boost!-Short ver. 
22.This Is Our World-Phase 2 
23.Episode Shadow 
24.Enemy Territory (Westopolis Remix) 
25.Eggman's Facility (Rhythm And Balance Remix) 
26.Virtual Reality (Supporting Me Remix) 
27.Cutscene-Infinite's Beginning 
28.Fist Bump-SXSW ver. 
# Track   Duration
1.This Is Our World 
2.Set in Motion-Guardian Rock 
3.Death Crab Pursuit 
4.Network Terminal 
5.Network Terminal-Interior 
6.Death Prison-Death Egg 
7.Cutscene-Scrambled Death Egg 
8.Metropolitan Highway 
9.Cutscene-Null Space 
10.Null Space 
11.Fist Bump-Escape from Null Space 
12.Cutscene-Nothing Can Contain Us! 
13.Cutscene-Sun of Despair 
14.Fading World-Imperial Tower 
15.Cutscene-Valor and Wonder 
16.Mortar Canyon 
17.Cutscene-Infinite Showdown 
18.Battle with Infinite-Showdown 
19.Cutscene-Infinite's End 
20.Iron Fortress 
21.Last Judgment 
22.Final Judgment-Reactor 
23.Cutscene-Mega Death Egg Robot 
24.Battle with Mega Death Egg Robot 
25.Cutscene-The Resistance Prevails 
26.Cutscene-Parting Ways 
27.The Light of Hope 
28.Cutscene-New Journeys 
29.The Light of Hope-Title Screen ver. 
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