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King Kong
Deluxe Edition

Bootleg 2014 Download
Movie Film release: 2005

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# Track   Duration
1.King Kong (Main Title)1:09
2.Introducing Ann2:49
3.Carl Presents The Map1:38
4.Defeat Is Always Momentary3:15
5.A Fateful Meeting6:22
6.Two Grand2:57
7.The Venture Departs3:53
8.Wrong Jack Driscoll1:52
9.The Secret Revealed1:47
11.Itís In The Subtext3:16
12.There Are No Stars3:33
13.Last Blank Space On The Map4:59
14.Itís Deserted6:05
15.Ann Is Kidnapped6:32
16.The Sacrifice5:58
17.Into The Jungle3:42
18.An Ancient Boneyard4:40
# Track   Duration
2.Thatís All There IsÖ4:28
5.Tooth And Claw6:19
6.The Pit4:17
8.Carl Has An Idea1:38
9.In Kongís Arms3:28
10.Giant Bats!3:49
11.Kong Is Captured7:04
12.Theater Comedy3:37
13.Gorilla On The Loose3:21
14.Beauty Stayed His Hand4:34
15.The Army Attacks3:36
16.Empire State Building4:22
17.Final Battle2:14
18.Beauty Killed The Beast9:00
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King Kong - 10/10 - Review of Rose Stephens, submitted at
Having unfortunately not yet seen the film 'King Kong', and being undeniably in the dark with regards to the plot line, I feel I am not in the right place to comment in detail on the accompanying soundtrack.
However, James Newton Howard is one of, if not my all-time favourite film composer and after having seen him live in the Royal Albert Hall a couple of years ago, it was this soundtrack I began - frankly - to obsess over.
One scene in particular, the iconic central park scene, stood out to me musically. This piece seems to be the only piece of music I could ever imagine aligning with the emotions conveyed in the visuals. The piece itself seems to me to be Ann Darrow's own offering to 'the beast', King Kong. Preceding this moment there is rage, anger, and darkness however in the light that brings Ann closer to King Kong, the music also sees light. She appears and the beast is soft; he saw beauty and it got him - it got the music too. Admittedly, my knowledge of the rest of the soundtrack and the rest of the film is somewhat limited, nevertheless I always appreciate coming back to this track. The music portrays - in a way I don't believe any other melody could - this glimmer of hope, and this beauty amongst the frenzy. It halts this chaos and just breathes, turning the bad, good.

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