Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

ArenaNet 10/26/2017 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Path of FireMaclaine Diemer2:42
2.A New JourneyMaclaine Diemer2:16
3.Welcome to the DesertMaclaine Diemer0:00
4.Army of the War GodII Wilbert Roget2:09
5.Reins of the RaptorMaclaine Diemer2:14
6.Destiny’s GorgeMaclaine Diemer2:57
7.Elona ReachMaclaine Diemer0:00
8.Forged in FireMaclaine Diemer2:07
9.Sanctuary of TruthMaclaine Diemer2:52
10.Sands of ChaosBrendon Williams2:06
11.Dunes of DespairMaclaine Diemer2:15
12.Sands of TimeMaclaine Diemer2:18
13.Highland HaresStan LePard2:25
14.Enter the Fire GodII Wilbert Roget2:35
15.Highlands KraalMaclaine Diemer2:05
16.Pricklepatch HollowMaclaine Diemer1:32
17.Veins of the DragonMaclaine Diemer2:33
18.Minions of KralkatorrikII Wilbert Roget2:18
19.The Prophet’s ShadowMaclaine Diemer1:52
20.Tomb of Primeval KingsMaclaine Diemer2:25
21.Marked TargetBrendon Williams2:09
22.On the Banks of the ElonMaclaine Diemer2:42
23.Ravaged AscensionMaclaine Diemer0:00
24.Desert SkimmingStan LePard1:56
25.Battle in Draconis MonsBrendon Williams2:18
26.Arid DawnMaclaine Diemer2:53
27.March of the AwakenedMaclaine Diemer0:00
28.Sulfurous WastesMaclaine Diemer3:34
29.Deadly EncounterMaclaine Diemer1:41
30.Maws of the Ruptured HeartMaclaine Diemer1:58
31.Sands of the DjinnStan LePard2:14
32.Veterans of the DesolationMaclaine Diemer2:10
33.Undead of ElonaII Wilbert Roget2:04
34.Dirge of the Father KingMaclaine Diemer2:32
35.Halls of the UndeadMaclaine Diemer2:53
36.Eternal ConflictII Wilbert Roget2:12
37.Legendary AscentStan LePard2:18
38.The Opulence of VabbiMaclaine Diemer2:41
39.Forsaken NobilityMaclaine Diemer2:45
40.The End of WarBrendon Williams2:29
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