Diggin In The Carts : A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music

Hyperdub 11/17/2017 Download
Hyperdub 11/17/2017 CD (5055869558556)

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Opening (Cosmic Wars Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club1:08
2.Mazed Music (Nemesis Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club0:00
3.Big Mode (Genpei Touma Den Original Game Soundtrack)NORIO NAKAGATA1:31
4.Hidden Level (Solomon's KEY Original Game Soundtrack)Michiharu Hasuya2:00
5.A Planet of Plants (Nemesis 2 Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club1:21
6.Telepathy (Chatty Original Game Soundtrack)Manabu Saito1:42
7.Equipment (Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kokeiha Club0:48
8.BGM 3 (Motocross Maniacs Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club1:09
9.Visual Scene 1&2 (Wer Dragon Original Game Soundtrack)TOSHIYA YAMANAKA2:05
10.Opening (Hisou Kihei X-Serd Original Game Soundtrack)GOBLIN SOUND1:57
11.An-Un 'Ominous Clouds' (Xak II Original Game Soundtrack)TADAHIRO NITTA3:48
12.Temple (Actraiser Original Game Soundtrack)Yuzo Koshiro1:17
13.Road To Agartha (Mouryou Senki Madara Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club1:19
14.King Erekiman (The Legend of Valkyrie Original Game Soundtrack)Hiroyuki Kawada0:00
15.Exercise (Mega Panel Original Game Soundtrack)KATSURO TAJIMA1:53
16.Game Over (Hisou Kihei X-Serd Original Game Soundtrack)GOBLIN SOUND1:10
17.Beyond The Terminus (Block Hole Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club0:00
18.Waltz of Water and Bubbles (Liquid Kids Original Game Soundtrack)KAZUKO UMINO (ZUNTATA)2:06
19.Main Stage BGM 1 (Time Cruisde II Original Game Soundtrack)HIROTO SAITOU1:54
20.Area 26-10 (Metal Black Original Game Soundtrack)YASUHISA WATANABE (ZUNTATA)2:11
21.Site 3-1 Torrid City (Metal Stoker Original Game Soundtrack)HIROTO SAITOU2:23
22.Metal Area (Illusion City Original Game Soundtrack)TADAHIRO NITTA2:11
23.Site 6-2 (Metal Stoker Original Game Soundtrack)HIROTO SAITOU2:21
24.Tactics 4 (Super Royal Blood Original Game Soundtrack)MASUMI ITOU3:28
25.My Phase 'Stage 12/14' (Vixen 357 Original Game Soundtrack)GOBLIN SOUND0:00
26.Kyoushin 'Lunatic Forest' (Dragon Gun Original Game Soundtrack)HIROAKI YOSHIDA0:00
27.Underwater Dungeon (Esper Dream 2 Original Game Soundtrack)Konami Kukeiha Club1:59
28.Shooting Stars (Thunder Force IV Original Game Soundtrack)Technosoft1:16
29.Mister Diviner (The Mahjong Touhaiden Original Game Soundtrack)Soshi Hosoi4:52
30.Main Theme (Alcahest Original Game Soundtrack)Jun Ishikawa2:14
31.Keel (Golden Axe II: The Duel Original Game Soundtrack)KAZUHIKO NAGAI1:29
32.Bad Data (Dezaemon Original Game Soundtrack)KOICHI ISHIBASHI1:50
33.What Is Your Birthday? (Tarot Mystery Original Game Soundtrack)Yasuaki Fujita3:01
34.Oblivious Past (Alien Soldier Original Game Soundtrack)KAZUO HANZAWA5:18
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