Horror Film Scores

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# Track   Duration
1.A Thousand Haunted Dreams (From 'Conjuring the Dead'3:45
2.From the Ashes (From 'Conjuring the Dead'3:08
3.The Blackwood Murders (From 'Conjuring the Dead'3:32
4.Valley of the Witch (From 'Conjuring the Dead'3:28
5.Where Love Doesn't Live (From 'Conjuring the Dead'2:23
6.Curse of Robert the Doll Theme Music from 'Curse of Robert the Doll'1:17
7.Robert Wants to Play from 'Curse of Robert the Doll'3:23
8.The Toymaker from 'Curse of Robert the Doll'1:38
9.The Toys Are Alive from 'Curse of Robert the Doll'6:55
10.Haunting at the Rectory Theme Music from 'Haunting at the Rectory'2:27
11.Detuned Vigilante from 'Kill Kane'3:20
12.Family Man from 'Kill Kane'3:44
13.Music for a Chase Scene from 'Kill Kane'2:44
14.Music for a Kill Scene from 'Kill Kane'2:30
15.My Bulllets You Can't Take Them Back from 'Kill Kane'3:35
16.Revenge Is Not for Everyone from 'Kill Kane'3:12
17.Poltergeist Activity Theme Music from 'Poltergeist Activity'1:47
18.You Are All Going to Die from 'Poltergeist Activity'1:46
19.Doll Score from 'Robert the Doll'3:05
20.Horror Underscore from 'Robert the Doll'3:14
21.House Suspended from 'Robert the Doll'3:07
22.It's Alive from 'Robert the Doll'2:07
23.Robert the Doll Theme Music1:19
24.Rub Baby 'Robert the Doll'2:38
25.Steps from Above 'Robert the Doll'3:48
26.The Doll Is Haunted 'Robert the Doll'3:06
27.Charlies Theme from 'the Campground'2:31
28.Little Farm on the River Overture from 'the Campground'3:51
29.The Campground Main Title Music from 'the Campground'3:09
30.The Campground End Credits from 'the Campground'2:19
31.Choral Death from 'the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund'1:54
32.Demons Inside from 'the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund'3:16
33.Ecklund Motif from "the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund"3:05
34.Have You Forgotten from 'the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund'2:02
35.Holy Water from 'the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund'2:48
36.The Exorcism of Anna Ecklund Main Titles from 'the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund'2:45
37.Possessed from "the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund"3:23
38.When She Was Pure from 'the Exorcism of Anna Ecklund'2:34
39.A Sleepy Village from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:06
40.Cemetery Lane from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:19
41.Don't Turn out the Lights from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:05
42.Kassie's Melody from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'0:43
43.Maleovent Spirits from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:27
44.Running in the House from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'1:24
45.She's Behind You from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'0:36
46.The Last House on Cemetery Lane End Credits from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'2:40
47.The Last House on Cemetery Lane Theme Music from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:11
48.Up in the Attic from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:20
49.Voices in the Walls from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'3:34
50.Was It All a Dream from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'2:46
51.The Last House on Cemetery Lane from 'the Last House on Cemetery Lane'2:36
52.A Love Song for Venus from 'Theatre of Fear'3:08
53.Apollo's Theme from 'Theatre of Fear'3:08
54.Behind the Curtains from 'Theatre of Fear'3:08
55.Big Top Waltz from 'Theatre of Fear'2:32
56.Doctor Deimos Moreau from 'Theatre of Fear'3:02
57.Final Curtain Call from 'Theatre of Fear'3:25
58.Janus and Epimetheus from 'Theatre of Fear'3:12
59.The Midnight Horror Show from 'Theatre of Fear'3:12
60.Trinculos Sonata from 'Theatre of Fear'3:35
61.You'll Never Get out Alive! from 'Theatre of Fear'2:15
62.German Toys from 'the Toymaker'3:07
63.Haunted Room Tone from 'the Toymaker'3:10
64.Hide and Seek from 'the Toymaker'3:10
65.Historical Atmosphere from 'the Toymaker'3:24
66.Let's Play from 'the Toymaker'3:10
67.The Toymaker Main Theme Music from 'the Toymaker'2:34
68.The Toys Are Alive from 'the Toymaker'6:55
69.I Wanted Freedom from 'Werewolves of the Third Reich'2:58
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