Dungeon Defenders 2

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# Track   Duration
1.Dungeon Defenders 2 Theme2:39
2.Greystone Plaza (Build Phase)1:38
3.Greystone Plaza (Combat Phase)5:03
4.The Gates of Dragonfall (Build Phase)2:03
5.The Gates of Dragonfall (Combat Phase)4:37
6.Cheer the Day (Tavern Theme)5:03
7.Dragonfall Sewers (Build Phase)4:07
8.Dragonfall Sewers (Combat Phase)3:42
9.Forgotten Ruins (Build Phase)2:57
10.Forgotten Ruins (Combat Phase)5:14
11.Defender's Story (Tavern Theme)4:57
12.Liferoot Forest (Build Phase)2:09
13.Liferoot Forest (Combat Phase)5:15
14.The Ramparts (Build Phase)4:49
15.The Ramparts (Combat Phase)4:20
16.Paths and Pebbles (Town Hub Theme)5:15
17.Ramparts Siege (Build Phase)4:12
18.Ramparts Siege (Combat Phase)4:33
19.Assault on Throne Room (Build Phase)2:21
20.Assault on Throne Room (Combat Phase)4:19
21.Winter's Fire (Tavern Theme)4:46
22.The Harbinger (Cutscene)2:32
23.The Harbinger's Warship5:01
24.The Harbinger (Boss Fight)3:42
25.Victory Theme1:09
26.The Carnival (Build Phase)4:12
27.The Carnival (Combat Phase)3:45
28.Back to Town (Town Hub Theme)6:09
29.The Dead Road (Build Phase)2:16
30.The Dead Road (Combat Phase)4:13
31.The Mystic2:07
32.The Buried Bastille (Build Phase)2:19
33.The Buried Bastille (Combat Phase)4:44
34.The Unholy Catacombs (Build Phase)2:22
35.The Unholy Catacombs (Combat Phase)4:44
36.Molten Citadel (Build Phase)2:59
37.Molten Citadel (Combat Phase)4:41
38.Call of the Heroes (Orchestral)1:57
39.Call of the Heroes (Electronic)2:02
40.Dungeon Defenders 2 Theme (Piano Version)4:45
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