Spira: Music From Final Fantasy X Besaid Mix

Materia Collective 08/18/2017 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.This Is Our StoryJordan Chin3:24
2.Welcome to LucaReven3:59
3.Calm Before the StormJames C. Hoffman3:41
4.TrialsJoanne Moo2:39
5.Hymn of the Fayth-ValeforMay Claire La Plante2:26
6.Yuna's ThemeBraxton Burks2:49
7.Besaid on the RocksRyan Ike3:42
8.Good NightMoisés Nieto2:03
9.The Other WorldNatalie Clyne3:27
11.Tidus' ThemeRobert Luke Martin3:16
12.Via PurificoJosh Barron3:53
13.ReJechtedDarby Cupit3:22
14.Thunder Plains (Acoustic)Robby Duguay3:44
15.To the End of the Abyss / Beyond DarknessFirahFabe3:26
16.Prelude to the Afternoon of a ShoopufDamian Nguyen2:48
17.Movement in GreenMichael Hoffmann4:57
18.Suteki Da Ne (Quartet Version)Videri String Quartet5:51
19.TwilightKirill Polyanskiy2:17
20.Stranger SeymourOtaconnor4:54
21.GuadosalamThe Hat2:38
22.Secrets of Djose TempleTroy Strand2:48
23.Banishing WaveMFSTATE4:00
24.Sass de ChocoboThe Sassy Yellowbirds2:33
26.Bollywood BattleJacob Pernell2:22
27.El Camino OscuroSirenstar3:36
28.The Burning Sands (Reimagined)Younes Elbayad4:48
29.Revelation (The Truth Revealed)Sean Schafianski4:21
30.Oui Are Al BhedDavid Dong2:51
31.The Travel AgencyDoug Perry3:34
32.Heart of a ChampionJulie Sakalys2:25
33.BlitzissimoFredrik Häthén2:07
34.The Splendid Performance (Falling Down)Joel Everett3:47
35.Braska's DaughterNathan Gulla3:22
36.Yuna's DecisionSebastien Skaf3:51
37.Sakura HymnEmily McMillan2:53
38.Bravely Bwakking ForwardBonnie Bogovich1:42
39.Echoes of the RonsoJeff Swingle5:35
40.Game OverJester Musician1:04
41.Calm Before the Storm (Theme and Variations)Nathan Gulla4:56
42.An bóthar ard a Mi'ihen / The Kesh JigIan Martyn3:44
43.Moment of TruthSteven Melin3:57
44.AssaultKing of Tangents3:53
45.Yuna vs. Seymour at the DiscoDaniel Romberger4:57
46.Ifrit's Tune of Spira's FaythLucas Guimaraes5:01
47.A Contest of AeonsLauren the Flute4:25
48.ZanarkandWill Dawson4:01
49.Aria di ChiusuraJeremy Harris Jones3:57
50.Isn't It Wonderful?Dale North4:42
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