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From Impressionisssm to Avant-Garde

Galerie 2000 CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Fields Of GoldRaymond Alessandrini2:37
2.Details RaymondAlessandrini2:38
3.Autumn CloudsAntoine Duhamel2:33
4.An Empty RoomRaymond Alessandrini3:36
5.Bodies On ParadeAlain Jomy1:38
6.Organised ChaosRaymond Alessandrini1:51
7.AllienationRaymond Alessandrini2:21
8.Lonely WaltzRaymond Alessandrini2:32
9.A Dream Of SchieleRaymond Alessandrini1:53
10.City SceneRaymond Alessandrini2:14
11.Shifting ImpressionsAlain Jomy4:50
12.Bauhaus ViewAlain Jomy3:03
13.Beyond AbstractionAlain Jomy1:35
14.Distance To ObjectAlain Jomy1:19
15.FrustrationRaymond Alessandrini1:37
16.War S AftermathRaymond Alessandrini3:09
17.Duo MelancoliqueRaymond Alessandrini2:55
18.Fields Of GoldRaymond Alessandrini1:00
19.DetailsRaymond Alessandrini1:00
20.Autumn CloudsAntoine Duhamel1:00
21.An Empty RoomRaymond Alessandrini1:00
22.Bodies On ParadeAlain Jomy1:00
23.Organised ChaosRaymond Alessandrini1:00
24.AlienationRaymond Alessandrini1:00
25.Lonely WaltzRaymond Alessandrini1:00
26.A Dream Of SchieleRaymond Alessandrini1:00
27.City SceneRaymond Alessandrini1:00
28.Bauhaus ViewAlain Jomy1:00
29.Beyond AbstractionAlain Jomy1:00
30.Distance To ObjectAlain Jomy1:00
31.FrustrationRaymond Alessandrini1:00
32.War S AftermathRaymond Alessandrini1:00
33.Duo MelancoliqueRaymond Alessandrini1:00
34.Fields Of GoldRaymond Alessandrini0:30
35.DetailsRaymond Alessandrini0:30
36.Autumn CloudsAntoine Duhamel0:30
37.An Empty RoomRaymond Alessandrini0:30
38.Bodies On ParadeAlain Jomy0:30
39.Organised ChaosRaymond Alessandrini0:30
40.AlienationRaymond Alessandrini0:30
41.Lonely WaltzRaymond Alessandrini0:30
42.A Dream Of Schiele0:30
43.City SceneRaymond Alessandrini0:30
44.Bauhaus ViewAlain Jomy0:30
45.Beyond AbstractionAlain Jomy0:30
46.Distance To ObjectAlain Jomy0:30
48.War S Aftermath0:30
49.Duo Melancolique0:30
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