The Lead

WM Singapore 07/07/2017 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Initial Intention (Theme Song of 'The Lead')Tay Ping Hui3:15
2.Talk About Love (Sub-theme Song of 'The Lead')Ling Kai3:37
3.Life Traveler (Theme Song of 'Life Traveler')Angus Tung4:38
4.The Last Swordman (Theme Song of 'The Last Swordman')Beyond3:59
5.Youth 123 (Theme Song of 'Youth 123')Yan Li Ming2:45
6.Edge Youth (Theme Song of 'Edge Youth')Jiang E4:18
7.Ending The Mood (Theme Song of 'The Last Applause')Deng Miao Hua4:34
8.A Young Asian (Sub-theme Song of 'A Young Nation')Cai Zheng Xiong Weng Su Ying3:25
9.Forgetting The Past (Sub-theme Song of 'The Coffee Shop')Wu Qi Xian2:53
10.Gentle Night (Sub-theme Song of "The Last Applause")Deng Miao Hua4:36
11.Patrol (Theme Song of 'Patrol')Jiang E2:40
12.Possession Of My Heart Freindship (Sub-theme Song of 'Teahouse in Chinatown')Wu Qi Xian3:50
13.Teahouse in Chinatown (Theme Song of 'Teahouse in Chinatown')Wu Qi Xian4:14
14.Who's Your True Love (Sub-theme Song of 'Finishing Line')Angus Tung3:48
15.Two Different Lives (Theme Song of 'Two Different Lives')Guo Chong Yi Shelly Yu3:19
16.Legends Never Sleeps (Theme Song of 'Turn Of The Tide')Xu Xiao Feng4:26
17.Follow Me (Theme Song of 'Honour and Passion')Tay Ping Hui2:35
18.Island's Son (Theme Song of 'A Young Nation')Cai Zheng Xiong Weng Su Ying3:47
19.Guarding Defeats Love (Sub-theme Song of 'It's A Wonderful Life')(feat. Ruth Kueo Miaoru)Cavin Soh3:44
20.Flying In A Dream (Sub-theme Song of 'Tales From The Dark')Liu Xue Fang4:48
21.Painted Faces (Theme Song of 'Painted Faces')Yang Yan Qing and Chen Shu Cheng3:45
22.Responsibility (Sub-theme Song of 'You Can Be An Angel')Deng Bi yuan2:55
23.Road (Theme Song of 'The Golden Path')Mi Lu Bing3:16
24.Distance (Sub-theme Song of 'How Do I Tell You')Celest Chong3:08
25.Love Always Exist (Theme Song of 'You Can Be An Angel')Tay Kewei2:32
26.Full of Happiness (Theme Song of 'Sealed With A Kiss')Sing Shi Xin Hui3:05
27.Still Sunny (Theme Song of 'Angel Against The Wind')Julie Su2:09
28.Happiness Is Not Difficult (Theme Song of 'The Dream Makers')Serene Koong4:36
29.Confuse (Theme Song of 'Tales From The Dark')Liu Xue Fang4:02
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