Roma Violenta

Beat Records Company 07/28/2017 CD

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# Track   Duration
1.The other face1:26
2.The reason of a just war1:45
3.The reason of a just war2:43
4.The other face1:22
5.The punitive justice2:41
6.Gangster story5:58
7.Casa di moda4:22
8.The punitive justice2:02
9.Undercover investigation1:25
10.The reason of a just war1:29
11.The other face2:31
12.The reason of a just war1:29
13.The reason of a just war2:90
14.Undercover investigation1:32
16.The reason of a just war2:37
17.Sliding crime3:43
18.The punitive justice1:56
19.Undercover investigation1:14
20.Revening a friend1:48
21.The punitive justice1:59
22.The reason of a just war2:36
23.The reason of a just war3:00
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Roma Violenta

Beat Records Company presents: Roma Violenta

A long awaited release, the original soundtrack music by De Angelis brothers for the movie 'Roma Violenta' (aka Forced Impact - Violent City - Violent Rome). An hour of music in the typical Italian cop style with guitars, shakes and more descriptive themes.

Since a while out of stock, now available again in deluxe edition, featuring a 12 pages booklet, original artwork by Daniele De Gemini, mastering by Enrico De Gemini and liner notes by Massimo Lusuardi.

Film's Storyline:
Roman police Commissioner Betti’s brother is senselessly murdered during a robbery. Not long after a similar tragic episode occurs on a bus in the Piazzale Flaminio. The Commissioner uses his two best men, Biondi and De Rossi, as infiltrators, and, disguised as tramps the two successfully expose the perpetrators of the heinous crimes. Commissioner Betti physically confronts the guilty gangsters and brutally attacks them before turning them over to justice. He is expelled from public office for this brutal episode, and accepts the invitation of Lawyer Sartori to become the chief of a rogue vigilante group. Thanks to his special knowledge as ex-Commissioner, and inside information he continues to receive from Biondi, the vigilantes manage to assassinate many criminals in what becomes one of the most violent episodes in the history of modern Rome. Finally, as the result of an ambush, Biondi is seriously wounded and becomes permanently confined to a wheelchair. With this event as a moral epiphany Biondi tries to convince Betti to disband the vigilantes, whose continued operations will only result in an escalation of violence and death...


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