Alice in Wonderland
The Recording Sessions

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Movie Film release: 2010

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# Track   Duration
1.0m1 Hero3:50
2.0m1R Hero (CD Mix)5:06
3.0m1R Hero (Film Mix)5:06
4.1m1 Titles (Long)1:21
5.1m1ALT Titles (Short)0:46
6.1m2 Little Alice1:43
7.1m2R Little Alice (Alternate End)0:27
8.1m2BR Alice and Mom0:33
9.1m3BS Quadrille Dance1:17
10.1m4 Rabbit0:32
11.1m5 Rabbit Chase0:53
12.1m5A The Proposal2:10
13.1m5B The Proposal (End)0:56
14.1m6 Down The Hole1:00
15.1m7 The Doors1:52
16.2m1 Drink Me2:58
17.2m2 In The Garden0:58
18.2m3 Finding Absolem2:43
19.2m4 Bandersnatch2:33
20.2m5 Snatch0:53
21.2m6 Tarts2:57
22.2m7 Cheshire2:09
23.2m8R Tea For Stayne1:21
24.2m10 Sniffing For Alice1:35
25.2m12 My Lady0:29
26.3m1A Hatter Recital Part A2:22
27.3m1BS Flashback Source0:21
28.3m1C Hatter Recital Part C1:45
29.3m3 Red Knights1:45
30.3m4A Alice and Bayard's Journey Part A1:18
31.3m4B Alice and Bayard's Journey Part B1:38
32.3m5 Eating the Cake0:30
33.3m7 In Court1:48
34.3m8 Hatter Unbound0:57
35.3m9 Bayard and White Queen1:38
36.3m10A Castle Problems3:35
37.3m10B Saving Hatter (Alternate)3:18
38.4m2-3 Liars-Vorpal Sword2:18
39.4m4 Alice Revealed1:15
40.4m5 Alice Escapes2:02
41.4m6 Inside The White Queen0:57
42.4m7 Back To Size0:29
43.4m8RR The Dungeon2:19
44.4m9 Execution3:41
45.5m1 Parapet1:22
46.5m2 Only a Dream1:42
47.5m3S Trumpet Call0:03
48.5m4 Alice Under Pressure1:30
49.5m5-6 Alice Decides3:14
50.5m5-6R Alice Decides (Insert)1:06
51.5m5-6RR Alice Decides (Revised Insert)1:24
52.5m7S On-Screen Trumpet0:02
53.5m8A Going to Battle A3:30
54.5m8B Going to Battle B2:29
55.5m8C Going to Battle C3:24
56.5m10 Blood of the Jabberwocky3:05
57.5m10ALT Blood of the Jabberwocky (Alternate)2:43
58.6m1 Alice Returns3:16
59.6m1ALT Alice Returns (Alternate End)1:17
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