Edward Scissorhands

MCA Records US (0008811013325)
Movie | Released: 1990 | Film release: 1990 | Format: CD, Download, Vinyl

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Introduction (Titles)2:36
3.Castle on the hill6:25
4.Beautiful new world/Home sweet home2:05
5.The cookie factory2:14
6.ballet de Suburbia (Suite)1:17
7.Ice Dance1:45
8.Criquette lesson3:19
9.Edwardo the barber3:19
12.The tide turns (Suite)5:31
13.The final confrontation2:17
15.The grand finale3:26
16.The End4:47
17.With these handsTom Jones2:43
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Edward Scissorhands - 10/10 - Review of Andreas Lindahl, submitted at
Many regard this as Danny Elfman's best score ever, and Edward Scissorhands is without doubt a magnificient score. Elfman uses a female choir to create music that is truly enchanting. The main theme, a little melancolic waltz, is absolutely wonderful. Especially when it's performed by a female choir, supported by a musical box. I think the music has a certain Christmas feeling over it. When listening to this score it always makes me think of winter. Not that cold, icy thing, but that cosy one... You know, when the snow falls and it's dark, and all is silent. The only thing you hear is your own breathing, and the snow, falling in big, fluffy flakes. Oh, sorry. I was sort of drifting away there for a moment. OK, back to the music. This score was really perfect for the film. It gave the movie that fairy tale feeling, that made the film so good.

Highlights are "Introduction (Titles)", "Ice Dance" and without doubt "The Grand Finale" - definately one of the most beautiful film music cues ever written. There's also some "traditional" wacky, and bouncy Elfman music in "Edward The Barber" (which has some cool fiddle work, and sometimes sounds like a tango), and "The Cookie Factory". Also to be found is some more dramatic music in "The Tide Turns" and some other cues. So there's music for everyone on this soundtrack. Even if you only happen to like cheesy songs, performed by Tom Jones ("With These Hands"), there's something for you on this album. Edward Scissorhands should be in any film music fans' collection.

The only negative about this score is that it's also somewhat depressing listening to sometimes. After all, the main theme is rather said, and that chorus really add to that.
Edward Scissorhands - 10/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
A uniquely sad score that follows the tale of Edward Scissorhands with subtlety and sadness. The main theme is a lovely lullaby with choir and orchestra and is the kind of theme the term 'haunting' was invented for. Much of the score is filled with this type of sad scoring and perhaps makes it a little on the depressing side. However, the same could be said of Schindler's List, which is considered a masterpiece. There are some slightly more boisterous moments such as in The Cookie Factory, which is similar to The Breakfast Machine from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. It has a strange percussion background to it and is great fun, although not quite as carefree as Pee Wee's music. Edwardo the Barber has a racing violin figure that stunningly demonstrates the first work of Edward's scissorhands. The second half is perhaps more tragic sounding still and is subtitled as Poor Edward. The Grand Finale is a singularly wonderful track that highlights the choir along with full orchestra. It is a very emotive piece and has an amazing tragic, yet triumphant quality to it. The End recapitulates the haunting main theme. Although sad, this is a triumph of Elfman's more sombre and subtle side and is probably his best non-action soundtrack that I own.
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