Galavant: The Complete Collection

Hollywood Records 06/09/2017 CD (0050087360917)

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# Track   Duration
2.Galavant Rides 
3.Galavant (Isabella Reprise) 
4.She'll Be Mine 
5.Galavant (End Reprise) 
6.Hero's Journey 
7.Manlyology (From 
8.Stand Up 
9.Maybe You're Not the Worst Thing Ever 
10.Previously On Galavant 
11.Oy! What a Knight (Featuring Faith Prince) 
12.Dance Until You Die 
13.Jackass in a Can 
15.Comedy Gold 
16.Lords of the Sea (Featuring Hugh Bonneville) 
17.Togetherness (Reprise) 
18.Galavant Gallivants 
19.No One But You 
20.Hey, Hey, We're the Monks (Featuring 
21.If I Could Share My Life With You 
22.I Love You (As Much As Someone Like Me Could Love Anyone) 
23.A Day in Richard's Life (Featuring Ricky Gervais) 
24.Love Is Strange 
25.Moments in the Sun 
26.A Happy Ending for Us 
27.Secret Mission 
28.Goodnight My Friend 
29.Galavant Wrap Up 
# Track   Duration
1.A New Season 
2.Off with His Shirt (Featuring Kylie Minogue) 
3.A New Season (Reprise) 
4.World's Best Kiss 
5.Let's Agree to Disagree 
6.World's Best Kiss (Reprise) 
7.Build a New Tomorrow (Featuring Matt Lucas) 
8.If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith 
9.The Happiest Day of Your Life (Featuring Robert Lindsay) 
10.As Good As It Gets 
12.What Am I Feeling 
13.My Dragon Pal and Me 
14.Different Kind of Princess (Featuring Sheridan Smith) 
15.Dwarves vs. Giants 
16.My Dragon Pal and Me (Reprise) 
17.Today We Rise 
18.Your Mother Is a Whore (From 
19.He Was There 
20.I Was There 
21.Time Is of the Essence (Featuring Reece Shearsmith) 
22.Love Makes the World Brand New 
23.Goodbye (Featuring Eddie Marsan) 
24.I Don't Like You 
26.A Dark Season 
27.Galavant Recap 
28.A Good Day to Die 
29.Do the D'Dew 
30.A Good Day to Die (Reprise) 
31.Will My Day Ever Come (Featuring Alfie Simmons) 
32.A Real Life, Happily Ever After 
33.Season 2 Finale (Featuring 
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