Poliziotto sprint

DigitSoundtracks 05/29/2017 Vinyl - 250 copies
Movie Film release: 1977

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# Track   Duration
Lato A
1.Speed Machine: Titoli2:45
2.Crazy Town4:14
5.Atmosfera sexy1:27
6.Contro i criminali1:34
7.Giungla urbana1:33
8.Tema d'amore2:53
9.In giro per la città1:21
# Track   Duration
Lato B
2.Un uomo contro tutti1:32
3.Cercando la verità2:29
4.Regolamento di conti1:37
5.Un uomo giusto1:33
6.Caccia spietata2:38
8.La resa dei conti1:20
9.Speed Machine: Finale4:13
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Poliziotto sprint

Digitmovies presents: 'Poliziotto Sprint' LP & CD del Maestro Stelvio Cipriani 'We are pleased to release for the absolute first time on CD and LP the complete OST by Stelvio Cipriani for the film “Convoy Busters” (aka “Poliziotto Sprint”).'

We are pleased to release for the absolute first time on CD and LP the complete OST by Stelvio Cipriani for the film “Convoy Busters” (aka “Poliziotto Sprint”).

Originally C.A.M. had released a single with the two tracks 'Speed Machine' and 'Crazy Town' (AMP 198). But thanks to the stereo master tapes from the recording session, we had the opportunity to assemble a CD with the entire fabulous OST (43:36 minutes) and an LP version without two alternative versions (tracks 13 and 18). Stelvio Cipriani managed to describe the character of Agent Palma perfectly through music. Palma is a true 'stuntman' in his fight against crime and Cipriani composed a cheerful score which also gives a sense of urban reality with its tangled jungle full of dangers. The rhythms and the typical sound of the moog synthesizer of the late seventies create the right atmosphere, which is a pleasure for the listener who dives back in time and can imagine the daring exploits of the protagonist. Cipriani also manages to lighten up the serious battle between the good cop and the criminal with a sweet love theme introduced and then developed throughout the film. The city life with its chaotic traffic and hectic pace are emphasized by a long piece of large wind orchestra jazz and blues called 'Crazy Town' (which was on the B-side of the single) and is also found in its short version. This OST is a great addition to the archive devoted to the film music by legendary Stelvio Cipriani.

DIRECTOR AND CAST: Directed in 1977 by Stelvio Massi. Starring Maurizio Merli, Orazio Orlando, Lilli Carati, Giancarlo Sbragia, Angelo Infanti, Glauco Onorato.

PLOT: Agent Marco Palma, from the 'quick squad' in Rome, is called 'crazy' by his colleagues, not so much for his personality as for his passion for cars and speed. During police operations he jumps into reckless car chases through the streets of Rome, sometimes with disastrous consequences both for himself and for the unlucky people sitting beside him. When the crimes of French bank robber the Nizzardo (famous for the skillful way he drives his Citroen), start making the police appear incompetent, Marshal Tagliaferri gives Marco a powerful Ferrari to catch the criminal by joining his gang. Although an unexpected event reveals Marco’s true identity, things are finished for the Nizzardo anyway.

Realized in only 300 copies!!

Realized in only 60 copies for best collectors!!
Special signature edition, thanks to the Maestro Stelvio Cipriani,
contains a reproduction of the poster with the signature of the Maestro for all his fans.

Realized in only 250 copies!!
This special edition is the first of a series that will make in a special collection version
some of the most famous titles of our catalog and some unpublished OST.


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