Cinematic Soundscapes 2
Original Short Film Scores

Esperanto Records 06/06/2017 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Reconnect (The Decision Score) (Original Mix)2:19
2.Railway Crossing (The Decision Score) (Original Mix)5:13
3.Burial (Through The Haze Score) (Original Mix)3:16
4.The End (Through The Haze Score) (Original Mix)1:05
5.Among The Dead (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)2:26
6.She's Got To Live (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)4:39
7.The Walking Dead (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)0:54
8.I'll Take My Chances Outhere (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)2:40
9.Junkyard (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)3:34
10.Somehow We Always Made It Through (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)2:28
11.This Place Is Falling Apart (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)0:54
12.Stress Relief (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)2:06
13.FEMA (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)1:56
14.Promise To Your Father (Among The Dead Score) (Original Mix)2:44
15.Welcome To Africa (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)1:03
16.Morning Sun (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)1:14
17.To The Rescue (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)0:49
18.Savanna (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)1:55
19.Tribalistic (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)0:18
20.Wildlife Wars (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)2:02
21.Fauna Of Africa (Africa Documentary Score) (Original Mix)1:06
22.You Got A Cigarette Brad? (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:24
23.Back To Where It All Began (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:39
24.Us Regular Guys (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)2:27
25.What About Your Son? (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:34
26.False Advertisement (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:21
27.Small World (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:22
28.I Would Do Anything For You (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:12
29.He Got A Lawyer (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)2:43
30.Genetics (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)2:58
31.Surveillance (Bonus Track) (Genetics Score) (Original Mix)1:18
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