Contemporary History

Cezame 04/20/2017 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The WinnerGabriel Saban Philippe Briand1:59
2.A StatesmanGregory Cotti Grco Casadesus2:02
3.A Changing WorldLucas Napoleone2:05
4.RestorationGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:04
5.A New PowerSebastijian DUH1:31
6.Rising PowerLaetitia Placido Gautier Galard1:56
7.Being the PresidentBenot Cimb Eric Caissy1:52
8.Pulling the StringsGregory Cotti Grco Casadesus1:40
9.The Forgotten PeopleSebastijian DUH1:53
10.Declaration of PeaceGabriel Saban Philippe Briand1:47
11.A Remakable DestinyGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:03
12.Centuries of HistoryGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:15
13.Slave to DestinyLucas Napoleone2:08
14.New TerritoriesGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:08
15.Success and GrandeurGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:28
16.Affairs of StateGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:11
17.D-DayGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:07
18.Church and StateGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:14
19.The Sun KingGabriel Saban Philippe Briand1:58
20.Arming for ConflictGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:05
21.History in the MakingGabriel Saban Philippe Briand1:56
22.Establishment StrangleholdGabriel Saban Philippe Briand1:52
23.Political BattleGabriel Saban Philippe Briand1:55
24.Stronghold of GlorySebastijian DUH1:54
25.Political DynastyGregory Cott Grco Casadesus1:50
26.The World to ComeGabriel Saban Philippe Briand2:00
27.The Advendure BeginsGregory Cott Grco Casadesus1:36
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