Rio Bravo
The Original Score & Soundtrack

Soundtrack Factory 04/21/2017 CD
Stage & Screen 04/04/2017 Download
Movie Film release: 1959

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# Track   Duration
1.Rio Bravo1:30
4.Wagon Train1:48
5.Rio Bravo (Wagon Train No. 2)0:59
6.The Package1:55
8.Rio Bravo (Dude)3:04
9.Love Theme (Search Me)3:01
13.Paid Killer3:06
14.Love Theme (Hotel Bar)2:39
15.Love Theme (Night Love)0:55
17.In Jail1:18
18.De Guella (No. 1)1:15
19.Love Theme (In Love)2:56
20.De Guella (No. 2)2:50
21.De Guella (No. 3)1:11
22.Rio Bravo (Memories)1:25
23.Exit Jail1:08
24.Love Theme -Hangover3:19
26.Three Horsemen0:49
27.Love Theme (Drinks)0:56
# Track   Duration
1.De Guella (No. 4)2:58
2.More Excitement0:52
3.The Gagging0:41
4.The Gang2:29
5.De Guella (No. 5)2:01
7.Gunfights (No. 1 & 2)2:17
8.That Girl1:46
9.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (Saloon Piano)1:05
10.Love Theme (Proposal)2:32
11.Rio Bravo (End Title No. 1)0:44
12.De Guella (Playout)4:04
13.Love Theme (Playout)2:38
15.Trailer (No. 2)2:27
16.Rio Bravo (Main Title)1:30
17.Spitoon (No. 2)2:20
18.Funeral Drums1:23
19.Rio Bravo (Stumpy)0:28
20.Love Theme (Hotel Bar) (No. 2)2:41
21.De Guella (No. 3) (Harmonica Version)1:12
22.The Gang (No. 2)0:22
23.De Guella (Mandolin Version)1:35
24.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (End Title)0:47
25.Wild Harmonica Chords0:20
26.Rio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles)0:17
27.Rio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles) (No. 2)0:18
28.Rio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles (No. 3)0:19
29.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (Wild Whistles Duet)0:20
30.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson Version)2:13
31.Cindy (Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson Version)1:16
32.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (Bathroom Vocal/Dean Martin)1:28
33.Rio Bravo (End Title)0:50
34.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (Dean Martin Studio Version) (Bonus Track)2:48
35.Rio Bravo (Dean Martin -Studio Version) (Bonus Track)3:05
36.De Guella (Nelson Riddle -Studio Version) (Bonus Track)2:55
37.Cindy (Ricky Nelson -Studio Version) (Bonus Track)2:01
38.Cindy (Ricky Nelson -Studio Version, Alternative Take) (Bonus Track)1:56
39.John Wayne Introduction (Bonus Track)0:15
40.My Rifle, My Pony and Me (Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson -Studio Version) (Bonus Track)2:13
41.Restless Kid (Ricky Nelson Version) (Bonus Track)1:54
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