L'Insegnante viene a casa

DigitSoundtracks 03/31/2017 CD (8032539494168)
Movie Film release: 1978

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# Track   Duration
1.L'insegnante Viene A Casa3:33
2.Per Elisa0:59
4.Blue Soft0:31
5.Lezioni Di Sesso2:04
6.Strade Lucchesi1:27
7.L'assessore Bonci Marinotti Diventa Sindaco3:53
8.Sexual Blue2:59
9.Lezioni Di Discomusic2:56
10.Tema Di Luisa1:08
11.Pianista Inesperto4:13
12.Tema Di Luisa (Alt. Take)1:18
13.Dixie (Alt. Take)1:12
14.Pianista Inesperto (Film Version)7:10
15.L'assessore Bonci Marinotti Diventa Sindaco (Alt. Take)3:01
16.Lezioni Di Discomusic (Extended Version)4:33
17.Tema Di Luisa (Alt. Take)2:24
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L'Insegnante viene a casa

Franco Campanino was an active film composer in the seventies and eighties for the films “Blood Brothers” ('I guappi'), 'Savage Three,' (“Fango Bollente”) “A Man Called Magnum,” (“Napoli si ribella”) and “The Sword of the Barbarians” ('Sangraal, la spada di fuoco'). For this film he wrote a pleasant OST, surely inspired by the voluptuous protagonist Edwige Fenech.
Originally C.A.M. had released an LP (SAG 9094) with eleven tracks, lasting 26:46 minutes. On the stereo master tapes from the recording session we discovered previously unreleased material that brings our CD to a total of 46:42 minutes. The author composed the romantic 'Luisa’s Theme' for piano and orchestra, enriched by the sensual voice of Nora Orlandi that is introduced in the opening credits (Tr.1) and is reprised with different versions like the double-voice (Tr.5 ), a rhapsody (Tr.10), and a sexy voice (Tr.12, Tr.17). This motif alternates a dance tempo (Tr.6) with cheerful and amusing music using a moog synthesizer (Tr.3). A noteworthy piece is (Tr.9) that we also offer in an extended version (Tr.16) where Maestro Campanino incorporates 'Fur Elise' by Beethoven, and which we also hear in the classic solo piano version (Tr.2).

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