The Last Night Inn

12/23/2015 (190394148874)
Movie Film release: 2016 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Jimmy and Charlie1:34
2.The Broad2:10
3.Come On Sam2:32
4.The Last Night Inn2:16
5.Suicide Lady2:02
6.The Punk2:07
7.What I'll Do With Ya0:49
8.Carmine Appears1:27
9.Assassination of Carmine1:11
10.It's Not Like That!!!0:37
11.I Love You Too3:42
12.End Credits3:00
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The Last Night Inn - 08/10 - Review of Robin Kagen, submitted at
I saw an ad for this film on facebook and thought I'll give it a shot. The music for the end-credits rock so much that I also checked out the soundtrack on itunes. This is not a typical boring soundtrack. A great mix of gangster sound, minimal spheres, rock and comedy. Would also fit perfectly into a Tarantino movie.

Thumbs up for the music. But I don't give it 10 points as the soundtrack is too short (less than 25 minutes). I expect at least 40 or 50 minutes from an soundtrack album.

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