Resident Evil 7 biohazard

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Go Tell Aunt Rhody -Resident Evil- (Full Version)Michael A. Levine2:55
2.A Loving MessageAkiyuki Morimoto1:18
3.On The RoadAkiyuki Morimoto1:06
4.Atmosphere -Swamp Encounter-Akiyuki Morimoto1:49
5.Lost MemoriesAkiyuki Morimoto0:44
6.Sinking FeelingAkiyuki Morimoto0:49
7.Into MadnessAkiyuki Morimoto1:25
8.Kill Or Be KilledAkiyuki Morimoto2:00
9.Haunted HouseAkiyuki Morimoto2:10
10.Back For MoreAkiyuki Morimoto1:51
11.Love To DeathAkiyuki Morimoto1:44
12.Welcome To The FamilyAkiyuki Morimoto1:38
13.Dinner TimeMiwako Chinone1:21
14.Out Of SightMiwako Chinone2:26
15.Out In The OpenMiwako Chinone2:11
16.GarageMiwako Chinone3:35
17.Main HallSatoshi Hori0:16
18.A Curious LightSatoshi Hori1:00
19.Hide And SeekSatoshi Hori2:05
20.Daddy's BackMiwako Chinone2:07
21.Molded IAkiyuki Morimoto2:53
22.Tearing At The FleshMiwako Chinone1:32
23.Claws Of DeathMiwako Chinone3:27
24.Into The NightMiwako Chinone0:21
25.SaferoomMiwako Chinone2:54
26.Atmosphere -The Nest-Brian D'Oliveira2:07
27.Brief ReunionSatoshi Hori0:22
28.Escaping The PitSatoshi Hori1:24
29.Unholy ShrineSatoshi Hori0:33
30.Keeper Of The Greenhouse ISatoshi Hori2:44
31.Keeper Of The Greenhouse IISatoshi Hori2:34
32.The Forbidden RoomBrian D'Oliveira2:58
33.TatariBrian D'Oliveira1:42
34.Molded IIMiwako Chinone2:37
35.Bad Boy GamesSatoshi Hori2:11
36.White RoomAkiyuki Morimoto2:25
37.'Sacrifice' by The Sewer GatorzSatoshi Hori2:18
38.ApprehensionCris Velasco1:54
39.So Close Yet So FarCris Velasco2:13
40.Face To FaceMiwako Chinone0:52
41.The BeastCris Velasco3:45
42.Not Over YetCris Velasco1:03
43.The Choice -Love-Satoshi Hori1:22
44.Go Tell Aunt Rhody -Resident Evil- (Short Version)Michael A. Levine0:43
45.Main MenuMiwako Chinone3:02
46.Short-Lived Escape -Torn Apart-Satoshi Hori0:40
47.Into The WreckageAkiyuki Morimoto0:37
48.E-001 ISatoshi Hori0:55
49.E-001 IISatoshi Hori0:55
50.Proceed With CautionMiwako Chinone2:12
51.Molded IIIMiwako Chinone2:41
52.E-001 IIISatoshi Hori1:00
53.Dire State Of AffairsSatoshi Hori2:41
54.The Breaking PointAkiyuki Morimoto3:06
55.Sense Of DreadAkiyuki Morimoto2:57
56.Death Of A FriendAkiyuki Morimoto0:49
57.Calm Before The StormAkiyuki Morimoto2:12
58.BiohazardAkiyuki Morimoto0:36
59.DeterminationMiwako Chinone2:07
60.The Sad TruthMiwako Chinone1:59
61.Selfless ActSatoshi Hori1:13
62.Salt MineBrian D'Oliveira1:22
63.Molded IVBrian D'Oliveira2:30
64.Ascending From The DarknessBrian D'Oliveira2:35
65.Molded VSatoshi Hori2:40
66.Floating In-BetweenMiwako Chinone3:06
67.Temper TantrumSatoshi Hori1:27
68.Daidara-bocchiAkiyuki Morimoto3:18
69.Ending -Reunited-Akiyuki Morimoto2:00
70.The Choice -Freedom-Akiyuki Morimoto1:58
71.Short-Lived Escape -Lost Freedom-Akiyuki Morimoto1:05
72.The GrudgeAkiyuki Morimoto2:37
73.Ending -Last Goodbye-Akiyuki Morimoto2:21
74.Title Menu -Beginning Hour-Akiyuki Morimoto1:31
75.A Presence -Beginning Hour-Akiyuki Morimoto2:07
76.Phone Call -Beginning Hour-Akiyuki Morimoto1:51
77.You're Next -Beginning Hour-Akiyuki Morimoto1:47
78.Thank You For Playing -Beginning Hour-Akiyuki Morimoto0:26
79.VR TutorialAkiyuki Morimoto1:48
80.Happy Happy EndingMiwako Chinone0:12
81.You Are DeadAkiyuki Morimoto0:19
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