Apollo 13

Movie | Film release: 1995

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# Track   Duration
2.After the Party2:36
3.Docking Simulation1:21
4.Bad Dream0:44
5.Father to Son0:53
6.Re-Entry Simulation2:24
7.Change of Mind1:02
8.Boarding Begins3:30
9.Countdown an Rocket Launch4:30
10.Engine Problem2:14
11.Docking Sequence2:24
12.The Explosion0:18
13.Master Alarm3:28
14.State of Shock1:04
15.Into the Lunar Excursion Module5:07
16.Out of Control1:05
17.Command Capsule Shutdown0:53
18.Dark Side of the Moon2:59
19.Moonwalk Fancy2:19
20.Filter Situation1:42
21.Carbon Dioxcide Device5:39
22.The Idea2:05
23.Manual Burn Maneuver1:52
24.Television Interview1:03
25.Four More Amps3:17
26.Earth View0:39
27.Choppers Take Off1:34
28.Re-Entry Phase4:12
29.Splashdown and Finale4:56
30.Closing Credits2:41
31.Exit Music4:14
32.Introduction [alternate]1:46
33.Docking Simulation [alternate]1:20
34.Father to Son [alternate]0:52
35.Master Alarm [alternate]3:09
36.Trailer Music2:31
37.Trailer Music #21:20
38.Trailer Music #32:02
40.Logo #20:37
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