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The Lone Ranger
Complete Score

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Movie Film release: 2013

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# Track   Duration
2.Make Trade1:25
3.This is a Damn Bank Robbery!!0:51
4.Colby, Texas: 18691:02
5.The Future is just around the bend0:46
6.This is my Bible0:57
7.Hanson Place (Shall We Gather At The River)0:13
8.Almost Hanging Time Butch0:25
9.Market Stall Music Box0:35
10.Right On Time0:41
11.Butch Escapes1:16
12.Butch's Gang Arrives0:15
13.Nothing Comes Next1:09
14.Time Has Come Wendigo0:40
15.A Lawyer and a Crazy Indian1:16
16.The Railroad Waits for No One4:45
17.Just Taking This Man Into Custody0:27
18.It's My Home1:37
19.Tonto Scares Danny0:36
21.No Cover0:39
22.The Canyon0:46
24.You've Looked Better3:09
25.Spirit Horse2:45
26.Manure Hair0:15
28.Don't Look Down0:20
29.Why Are You Talking To That Horse?0:32
30.Silver Bullet0:33
32.Red's Theater of the Absurd3:02
33.Wendigo Getting Away0:25
34.Escape From Red's1:54
35.Rebecca Sees Scout0:28
36.'Indians' Attack Reid Home0:35
37.Was Not Indian1:09
38.Our Horse Can Fly?2:41
39.Wrong Brother1:11
40.Butch's Camp0:41
41.The Valley Of Tears1:58
42.Lost In The Desert1:56
43.I Understand You Have An Indian Problem1:13
44.Death Dance1:00
45.The Tent0:10
46.Never Taste Other Man's Drink0:04
47.Tonto's Tale3:43
48.Nature Is Out Of Balance1:59
49.Where The River Begins0:41
50.Bye Frank0:23
51.You're Just a Man in a Mask3:28
52.It Could Be All Yours0:44
53.Is This The Man You've Been Looking For?1:44
54.Twitchy Finger1:11
55.The Truth Revealed4:29
56.Nothing Is Accomplished Without Sacrifice3:01
57.For God and for Country4:53
58.It Was A Good Plan0:51
60.Up to you, Kemosabe3:44
61.End Credits Part 12:43
62.End Credits Part 26:56
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