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Movie | Released: 2010 | Film release: 2010 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Opening Titles 
2.A Forgotten Dream 
4.Dream Is Collapsing 
5.The Train 
6.James and Philipa 
7.Saito’s Project 
8.The Architect 
9.Five Minutes 
11.The Forger 
13.Paradox (Sedative) 
14.Mr Fisher 
15.The Project 
16.Cobb’s Memories 
17.Plane to Catch 
18.Disappointment. One Sample Idea. We Need to Move 
# Track   Duration
1.Subconscious (The Hotel) 
2.Rotating Hallway 
3.The Kick 
4.Massive Attack 
5.We Built Our Own World 
6.Wating For A Train 
7.Is Not Real 
9.Come Back 
10.End Credits 
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.A Forgotten Dream (Editated) 
2.A Dream Within a Dream. The Train (Alternate) 
3.James and Philipa (Alternate) 
4.The Architet (Alternate) 
5.A Totem (Editated). The Forger (Alternate) 
6.ParadoxSedative (Alternate) 
7.Mr. Fisher (Editated). The Project part one (Alternate) 
8.The Project (AlternateLong Version) 
9.Cobb’s Dreams (Alternate) 
10.Disappointment. One Sample Idea (Alternate)We Need to Move (Isolated) 
11.Subconscious (Alternate) 
12.Rotating Hallway (Isolate Alternate) 
13.The Kick (Isolate) 
14.Massive Attack (Isolate) 
15.Massive Attack (Alt.1) 
16.Massive Attack (Alt.2) 
17.Is Not Real (Alternate) 
18.Is Not Real (Short Version) 
19.Collapse (Different Version) 
20.Come Back (Alt.1) 
21.Come Back (Alt.2) 
22.Inception (Suite Frmo the Movie) 
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Time(Mix Version) 
2.Time (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix) 
3.Inception (Junkie XL Remix) 
4.Dream Is Collapsing (The Extractor’s Theme) 
5.Mal’s Theme 
6.AriadneThe Architect’s Theme 
10.We Built Our Own World (Different Version) 
11.We Built Our Own World (Alternate) 
12.Radical Notion (Alt.1) 
13.Radical Notion (Alt.2) 
14.Old Souls (Alternate) 
15.528491 (Alternate) 
16.MombasaAlbum Version (Alternate) 
17.One Simple Idea (Different Version) 
18.Dream Within a Dream (Different Version) 
19.Dream Within a Dream (Alternate) 
20.Paradox (Alt.1) 
21.Paradox (Alt.2) 
# Track   Duration
1.Main Theme 
2.Time (Angels version) 
3.Time (Different Version) 
4.Dream Is Collapsing (Album Version) 
5.Dream Is Collapsing (Mix Version) 
6.Still Dream (Theme from Inception The App) 
7.Action Dream (Theme From Inception The App) 
8.Travelling Dream (Theme From Inception The App) 
9.1st Trailer 
10.2nd Trailer 
11.3th Trailer 
12.Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien 
13.Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (Slow Version) 
14.The Hotel (Clip, No SFX) 
15.One Simple Idea (Album Version) 
16.Mombasa (Album Version) 
17.Old Souls (Album Version) 
18.Time (Album Version) 
19.The Point Man (Arthur’s Theme) 
20.Life Takes Death Gives (Unused) 
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