The Young Messiah

Movie | Release date: 02/26/2016 | Film release: 2016 | Format: Download, CD

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# Track   Duration
1.The Young Messiah Theme (feat. Bethany Woods)2:36
2.Alexandria Egypt5:23
3.Salome Reminds Jesus1:47
4.Jesus Heals Eleazer2:52
5.Herod Is Dead2:18
6.Mary and Joseph / Don't You See Him?2:20
7.The Carved Camel1:09
8.Jesus Encounters Romans2:08
9.Severus Lets Jesus' Family Go1:56
10.Herod Reprimands Severus2:39
11.Jesus Heals Cleopus3:07
12.Rape Victim1:15
13.Sister, Come to Nazareth2:08
14.Not Just a Child / Crucifixes4:13
15.Reveal of Nazareth1:33
16.The Messiah Will Save Us!1:16
17.A Son Named Jesus4:27
18.Jerusalem for Passover2:35
19.Travel to Jerusalem1:51
20.Mary Presents Baby Jesus1:03
21.Jesus Leaves Alone2:26
22.He Wants Answers2:25
23.He's in the Temple1:25
24.Herod's Rage0:56
25.The Blind Rabbi6:17
26.Mary Reveals the Truth to Jesus / Jesus Talks to God7:37
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