Battle Beyond the Stars

BSX Records (0712187488891)
Movie | Release date: 07/18/2011 | Format: CD, Download
Limited edition: 1000 copies

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Main Title1:59
2.Malmori Rear Guard3:46
3.Love Theme3:48
4.Cowboy and the Jackers3:30
5.Nanelia's Capture1:24
6.The Hunter1:35
8.The Battle Begins4:28
9.The Maze Battle3:06
10.Gelt's Death1:25
11.Nanelia and Shad1:23
12.Heading for Sador0:55
13.Cowboy's Attack1:42
14.Shad's Pursuit3:18
15.Destruction of Hammerhead3:35
16.Epilogue and End Title4:58
Bonus Track
17.Gelt's Chamber Alan Howarth1:30
Sound Effects Library
18.Command Ship Radio Chatter4:17
19.Drone Chatter #10:06
20.Drone Chatter #20:06
21.Drone Chatter #30:06
22.Drone Chatter #40:06
23.Drone Chatter #60:07
24.Drone Chatter #70:06
25.Drone Chatter #80:08
26.Drone Chatter #90:06
27.Drone Chatter #100:14
28.Drone Chatter #110:15
29.Drone Chatter #120:13
30.Drone Chatter #130:08
31.Drone Chatter #140:07
32.Laser Artillery #10:13
33.Laser Artillery #20:47
34.Laser Artillery #30:23
35.Laser Artillery #40:13
36.Stereo Fly-Bys0:40
37.Pass-Bys with Vocoder0:26
38.Hammerhead Low Rumble1:30
39.Nell Cave Launch - 1st Stage0:42
40.Nell Cave Launch - 2nd Stage0:45
41.Nell Cave Launch - 3rd Stage0:50
42.Nell Fly Away0:35
43.Nell Engine Build-Up2:09
44.Nell Exterior Fly-By0:42
45.Nell Maneuvering Thrusters1:29
46.Bad Guy Lasers1:13
47.Telemetry #11:37
48.Laser Blast0:33
49.Sonic Tank Short Blast0:56
50.Sonic Tank Long Blast0:56
51.Drone Chatter #5 (Long Live Lord Sador)0:08
52.Theme from Battle Beyond The Stars4:04
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