The Unpublished Film Music of Georges Delerue Volume 2
Les Musiques de Films inédites de Georges Delerue Volume 2

Disques CinéMusique 06/01/2005 CD - Limited edition (722056911627)

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# Track   Duration
Women In Love
1.Love Theme3:40
The Day Of The Jackal
2.La Valse du Président3:00
Love Comes Quietly
3.Suite 13:41
4.Suite 23:55
5.The Great Waltz3:52
The Escape Artist
6.Exercices in Escapism3:34
7.A Sentimental Artist3:17
8.Run For Your Life2:20
9.End Titles4:16
Stone Pillow
10.Main Title2:35
American Friends
13.End Title3:07
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American Friends (1991)

Love Comes Quietly (1973)

Stone Pillow (1985)

The Day of the Jackal (1973)

The Escape Artist (1982)

Women in Love (1969)

Unpublished Film Music Of Georges Delerue Vol.1 & 2

The two volumes of UNPUBLISHED FILM MUSIC OF GEORGES DELERUE produced by Robert Lafond in 2004 and 2005 proved to be successful with film music fans who do not limit themselves to original versions. A new interpretation can only enrich our perception of a musical work. These two albums were all the more welcome as they tackled the little-known American repertoire of Georges Delerue (1925-1992). This is still partly the case in 2017.

Although Robert Lafond mainly used digital sampling techniques for these new recordings, he achieved an impressive degree of realism in the reconstruction of a symphony orchestra. He respects the melodic line of each work and brings out all the nuances of the harmonization. These versions remastered at the cutting edge of technology allow one to appreciate even more Lafond’s work.

More than ever, Georges Delerue's legacy is a vibrant celebration of life, often reaching a peak in the expression of intense, often contrasting feelings. Thus, in the same piece melancholy and jubilation can be linked in the most natural way possible.

Originally, only the soundtrack to Mister Johnson came in the form of a short concerto for piano and orchestra. We had the idea of extending this classical approach to other scores that lent themselves to such treatment. This resulted in the Volume 1 Concerto, of which each movement is devoted to the main theme of a different film. As a complement, the album opens with a solo reddition of Nobody Runs Forever main theme.

On Volume 2, it‘s the lengthy The Escape Artist suite that stands out above all. It is said to be the first score written by Delerue after his installation in the United States in the early 1980s. Evocative of the world of childhood, this music remains one of the most appreciated of his American period. The composer would use a similar heartbreaking music box theme in Joe Versus the Volcano, one of his last assignments.

The remastered versions of THE GEORGES DELERUE UNPUBLISHED FILM MUSIC albums arranged by Robert Lafond are available for download and streaming on most Internet music boutiques. For the best sound quality, we recommend as always 7digital which offers the FLAC 16-bit option. The PDF booklets of the original CDs can be viewed and downloaded on the Disques Cinémusique website, as are the PDFs for all our other releases on physical support.


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