The Smurfs

Madison Gate Records (0043396348233)
Movie | Release date: 07/27/2011 | Film release: 2011 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Race to the Village2:22
2.Gargamel's Smurf Plan2:00
3.Blue Moon Predictions0:57
4.It's Invisible1:17
5.The Vortex3:35
6.Where the Smurfs Are We?1:28
7.Clumsy Gets in the Box2:00
8.Sweet Folicular Ambrosia2:43
9.Clumsy's Out of the Box4:37
10.Is Everyone in This Realm Insane?1:06
11.Arrival at Anjelou3:05
12.Emerging Through the Smoke0:46
13.The Genius That is Gargamel2:24
14.You Can Be Anything You Want to Be1:07
15.Chamber Pot2:03
16.Find That Star Gazer0:53
17.FAO Smurfs0:47
18.Get Out of My Suck a Ma Jig3:16
19.Inspired or Safe1:23
20.Another Smurfless Night1:13
21.You're a Good Papa1:46
22.Behold My Glorious Army0:40
23.The Perfect Time to Smurf the Blue...2:38
24.Baby's First Picture1:46
25.The History of Smurfs1:41
26.Cautiously Excited1:58
27.Aaah, It's Gargamel!1:21
28.We Ride1:12
29.So Smurfin' Love You1:31
30.My Smurf Magic Machine1:19
31.Blue Moon Incantation1:08
32.Enjoy the Ride Papa1:08
33.Smurfs Stand Up1:40
34.The Awesome Power of Me3:17
35.Clumsy's Got It0:54
36.I Smurf You4:16
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