Arthur Hailey's The Moneychangers

Movie | Release date: 07/25/2011 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 1500 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:42
2.Son Of Main Title4:42
3.Bye Bye Roselli/Willing To Forget3:42
4.Taco & Salsa2:15
5.Alex And The Hoods2:29
6.Missing Money0:54
7.Tall Building/Basta2:51
8.Clean Hands1:47
9.Good News0:52
10.Celia/All About Celia3:33
12.The Fireplace Ploy3:57
13.March Of The Moneychangers1:35
14.Here Comes Mrs. Dorsey0:51
15.Wainwright Hates Easton3:14
16.Key Change Ad Music/Drummonburg, Here I Come2:44
17.Miles Behind3:39
18.The Snitch3:35
19.Visit To The Morgue1:09
20.The Big Q0:46
21.Karla (Once Is Not Enough)4:10
22.Welcome To The Bahamas No. 11:35
23.Avril's Theme No. 12:04
24.Avril's Theme No. 22:52
25.Welcome To The Bahamas No. 23:02
26.Avril's Theme (guitar/orchestra)3:28
27.It's Done0:22
28.Easy Money Montage3:40
29.Pull The Drapes1:30
30.Free Lunch1:16
31.Lunch Money1:29
32.Let Them Eat Cake0:42
33.Ain't For Sale1:18
34.Fire Bomb1:15
# Track   Duration
1.Fade In0:28
2.Trick Or Treat2:24
3.I've Missed You3:47
4.Miles Return4:00
5.An Idea/Buzz Saw1:00
6.H. E. L. P./Flamenco1:18
7.Face To Face/Margot Loves Alex2:27
8.Good Things Take Time/Mucho Gusto Señor2:34
9.Something For Miles2:50
10.Stay Out Of It0:27
11.How Was Church?/We Will We Will3:40
12.Good As Gold/The Big Q Skips3:17
13.The Big Bug1:55
14.The Deacon Speaks3:08
15.I Heard2:10
16.Hang On1:51
17.Find Him1:30
18.White Girl Boogie/Black Girl Boogie1:16
19.Purchase Is Approved1:28
20.Meet The Wizard1:49
21.For Money/One Guess2:24
22.The Shootout3:31
23.Roscoe Takes A Cab3:16
24.The End1:45
25.End Credits0:34
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World premiere 2-CD release of complete Henry Mancini score for mammoth 1976 TV filming of Arthur Hailey's novel, directed by Boris Sagal, starring Kirk Douglas, Christopher Plummer, Timothy Bottoms, Joan Collins, many others. Mancini launches with rhythmic figure in deliberate tempo for horns, trombones, percussion, then quickly brings in string theme to set score into motion. Woodwinds, piccolo trumpet, agitated violins highlight secondary idea, then composer brings in variants of main theme. Rhythms return and Mancini finally wraps with dramatic, fortissimo coda - all in a single 'Main Title'. Wow! Film has four parts, Intrada CDs present parts 1 & 2 on first disc, 3 & 4 on second disc. Over two hours of music! Mancini offers incredible array of material, from memorable main theme, haunting love theme to signature combo pieces, rousing action. A sensational work from a genuine master of the craft! Though CBS made license available, release only became possible when bass trombonist for original sessions located 1/4' full-track (mono) safeties of complete score, recorded over several days. Terrific outcome for a magnificent score nearly lost forever! Mancini did re-record the theme on his wonderful 'Mancini's Angels' LP at time, but this is first release of actual soundtrack. Special treat for Mancini fans: all those players from his classic albums sitting in on sessions, including Ted Nash, Vincent DeRosa, Graham Young, Dick Nash, Bob Bain, Terry Woodson, Shelly Manne, many others. Splendid performances assured! Henry Mancini conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies!
Tech Talk From The Producer…

Releasing a soundtrack from The Moneychangers has been a dream at Intrada for many years. In fact, upon viewing the original four-part TV mini-series when it was first broadcast back in 1976, I made daily trips to the local university record shop hoping to find just such an album, only to leave empty-handed. For Henry Mancini fans (and I surely qualify), this was the biggest scoring project that we could have imagined, with Mancini contributing over two hours of brand-new, incredibly dramatic and beautiful music spread out over four nights of prime-time TV. But that soundtrack album never materialized. Eventually Mancini would re-record the theme as part of a 1977 collection of TV and film music on his “Mancini’s Angels” album for RCA. At least that was something—if only two minutes long.

Fast forward to 1986. I met Henry Mancini when we were discussing the option of following our then brand-new release of Poltergeist II with a soundtrack to That’s Life, a Blake Edwards picture that Mancini had just finished scoring. During those discussions, the movie opened—and quickly closed. We elected not to make the substantial investment and went ahead with other projects. Fast forward again another two decades. After having released Mancini’s music from Silver Streak and Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation, we revisited the possibility of producing The Moneychangers soundtrack. We searched for elements and came up empty-handed. My original 30-year-old dream remained just that—a dream.

More fast-forwarding, this time to 2010. Intrada finally secured the soundtrack rights to The Moneychangers, contingent on finding master tapes to work with. We were finally getting closer to our goal. And then it happened:

In conversation with Terry Woodson, bass trombonist on the original Moneychangers scoring sessions (and numerous Mancini albums spread over some twenty years), we discovered that he had preserved one complete set of digital transfers for all six reels of ¼” mono safeties drawn from the actual scoring sessions, including all takes and slates, for the Mancini archives. The recordings had been transferred at the slower tape speed of 7½ ips, so they displayed some tape hiss, but were otherwise in excellent shape and contained every note Mancini wrote for the show. I complimented Terry on his musical talent—especially the sensational pedal tones one can’t help but notice on the 1968 Mancini album “Big Latin Band of Henry Mancini”—and Terry happily reminisced about his many years with “Hank” and the close friendship that they enjoyed. Even more happily for Mancini fans, he shared his personal copy of the elements with us.

For this two-CD set, we have included every cue Mancini wrote in picture sequence. The two exceptions are warranted: “Alex and the Hoods” (CD 1, track 5) does not appear in the finished production as intended in Part 1, but a few seconds of it are tracked during the opening recapitulations and scene summaries for the following episode. We have included it in its entirety where it was originally intended. And the cue “Something for Miles” (CD 2, track 9) is not used in the film at all. It does appear on our album, however, and is positioned during Part 3 in place of two short piano “Nocturnes” by Chopin used in the film as source cues.

Lastly, numerous cues are re-tracked in whole or in part throughout the eighthour production, padding Mancini’s contribution to the show to nearly three hours. Of course, we elected not to repeat any music and simply include the 130 minutes of original scoring that Mancini recorded, sequencing each respective cue to match its first appearance in the miniseries.

So here it is: The complete score for The Moneychangers, over two hours of magnificent, melodic Mancini. The stirring main theme, the gorgeous love theme, the haunting tune for Celia, the colorful location music, the original dance combo pieces, those pulsating dramatic moments leading to the climactic shootout… they’re all here.

Yes, after 35 years, our 1976 dream is a reality. Enjoy.

—Douglass Fake

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