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Déjà Vu

Movie | Release date: 07/11/2011 | Film release: 1985 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 1000 copies

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# Track   Duration
The Album
1.Main Credits1:52
2.Modern Love Theme1:25
3.Greg’s Theme1:20
4.Ballet Reception1:21
5.Burning Book2:39
6.Max’s Theme2:45
7.Discovering Olga’s Apartment1:27
8.Olga’s Background2:52
9.Olga Discovers Locket/Olga’s Mysterious Theme No. 12:05
10.Olga’s Hypnotizing Theme No. 10:56
11.1930’s Music – Restaurant1:49
12.Mysterious Phone Message/Greg’s Writing Theme0:59
13.Period Love Theme No. 1/Greg Receives Eleanor’s Letter1:08
14.Olga’s Mysterious Theme No. 21:17
15.Maggie Attacked By Max/Max Impaled On Railings0:51
16.Maggie Explains Happening0:50
17.Olga’s Hypnotizing Theme No. 20:35
18.Period Love Theme No. 21:43
19.Michael And Brooke At Photo Call1:24
20.Period Love Theme (Variations)/Olga’s Hypnotizing Theme No. 31:02
21.Nightmare Music No. 12:05
22.Greg’s Piano Solo1:17
23.Olga’s Strange Theme/Car Drives Up To Olga’s1:41
24.Period Love Theme No. 31:02
25.Nightmare Music No. 21:36
26.Greg’s Solitary Look At Maggie On Bed/ Greg Panicked By Maggie’s Disappearance/ Nightmare Music No. 33:20
27.Paris Theme (With Original Intro) 1:501:50
28.Ballet Score Finale/Mysterious Freeze Frame – End Credits3:13
The Extra
29.Paris Theme (With Revised Intro)1:50
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World premiere CD release of complete Pino Donaggio score for thriller with supernatural setting, directed by Anthony Richmond, starring Jaclyn Smith, Shelley Winters, Claire Bloom. Donaggio opens with classical-style overture for ballet setpieces, then introduces gorgeous main theme that plays to varying time frames of story. Romantic feel is soon slashed apart, splattered with horror via signature string, brass jabs as murder & thriller aspects of tale take command. Music reminds listeners of composer's classic debut with DON'T LOOK NOW. Nods to Brian De Palma horror thrillers abound as well. Intrada presents complete score in stereo from 1/4' 15 ips two-track session mixes stored in perfect condition in MGM vaults. Tim Greiving adds insghts to film, score in booklet liner notes. Recorded in Italy, Natale Massara conducts.

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