Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

Silva Screen Records (0738572035020)
Silva Screen Records (0738572113025)
Movie | Release date: 04/24/2001 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (Main Title)2:40
2.Croc sinks the boat / Croc eats the boat / Swimming / Mystical Mick1:43
3.Hypnotize the pig / Walking with Mikey/Beverly Hills2:00
4.Spider / Spider in hat0:52
5.Studio Gate / Jungle Set0:36
6.Walking with Mikey #2 / Mickey, Mick and sue1:40
7.Eraser Rat / Monkey Wrangler1:04
8.Jacco Show and Tell / The Big Nanny / Dine and Drive / Down the Stairwell / L.A. Thing3:36
9.Paintings / Clue Snoop / Who the hell is that?3:14
10.Up the Ladder/Into the Jungle4:37
11.Molotov Cocktail / Lions2:59
12.Proposal / Wedding Day3:07
13.Down UnderMen At Work4:46
14.Strike It UpBlack Box5:15
15.Mr. Big TalkerMystikal4:00
16.Boys From The BushLee Kernaghan2:47
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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles - 04/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
In the (very long) list of films that didn't need a sequel, I suspect Crocodile Dundee would be pretty close to the top. Evidently in a last bid attempt to break into the big time, Paul Hogan (now frankly looking a teeny tiny bit past it) has resurrected his most enduring (indeed, only almost enduring) creation for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles; about as uninspired and insipid title as one could hope to wish for. Evidently the success of his fellow Aussies (Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce to name but two) has inspired him to try and emulate their success.

The first two films were scored by Peter Best (a name I've not come across before I must confess), but here scoring duties are taken on by Basil Poledouris. The reason, I suspect is the prior relationship with director Simon Wincer on films such as Free Willy and Quigley Down Under. Not exactly classic films, but with enjoyable Poledouris scores. It is worth noting that of course some films don't really require anything classic from the composer and Dundee 3 is one such prime example. A little bit of rock, a little comedy, maybe some minor drama when the comedy lets up for the plot, but not a lot else. Poledouris' score is something of an 80's throwback, with a few sprinklings of electric guitar that sound like country and western instrumentals (get out those air guitars kids) and a mixture of synths and orchestra for the rest. The orchestral sections are pleasant, if not particularly remarkable with some laid back acoustic guitar worked in amongst the suspense sections such as Paintings - Clue Snoop - Who the hell is that? For some reason, the track titles are extremely involved and probably boil down the entire plot into 12 lines. The final cue, Proposal and Wedding Day is a very pleasing way to end with acoustic guitar, gentle electric guitar and strings - most pleasant.

The songs are a bit past their sell by date. A dismal attempt to update Down Under (which was quite a funky song first time round) really doesn't sound right. Strike it Up sounds like someone sampled the theme from Mission: Impossible and then made it into a dance effort. It could have been good as that sort of thing goes, but the crummy samples, sub Gloria Gaynor vocal parts and rapping are not really to my taste. Mr Big Talker sounds like Eminen on prozac and Boys from the Bush is about shearing sheep and farming in general. Pretty exciting stuff then.

I find it hard to know what to make of this kind of album. Yes, it's nice enough in itself, but is it really worth buying on its own musical merits? The answer is probably that it isn't. Don't get me wrong, I think Poledouris is a fine composer and I don't think for a minute that anyone would have done anything better; in fact it would likely have been a lot worse. That still doesn't mean it's worth hearing on CD. Then again, I am looking forward to Crocodile Dundee 4: Flogging a Dead Wallaby, Crocodile Dundee in Wolverhampton, Crocodile Dundee vs. Meta Godzilla, then the TV spin off Dundee the Crocodile Slayer.

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