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Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Sony Classical (5099709295225)
Movie | Release date: 09/21/2004 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.20th Century Fox Fanfare (Alfred Newman, 1954)0:23
2.Main Title / Approaching The Death Star / Tatooine Rendezvous9:17
3.The Droids Are Captured1:17
4.Bounty For A Wookiee2:50
5.Han Solo Returns4:01
6.Luke Confronts Jabba / Den Of The Rancor / Sarlacc Sentence8:48
7.The Pit Of Carkoon / Sail Barge Assault6:02
8.The Emperor Arrives / The Death Of Yoda / Obi-Wan's Revelation10:57
9.Alliance Assembly2:10
10.Shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor4:06
11.Speeder Bike Chase / Land Of The Ewoks9:38
12.The Levitation / Threepio's Bedtime Story2:44
13.Jabba's Baroque Recital (Source Music)3:03
14.Jedi Rocks (Source Music)2:49
15.Sail Barge Assault (Archival Bonus Track - Alternate Version)5:03
# Track   Duration
1.Parade Of The Ewoks3:28
2.Luke And Leia4:45
3.Brother And Sister / Father And Son / The Fleet Enters Hyperspace / Heroic Ewok10:39
4.Emperor's Throne Room3:25
5.The Battle Of Endor - Part 1 (Into The Trap / Forest Ambush / Scout Walker Scramble / Prime Weapon Fires)11:50
6.The Lightsaber / Ewok Battle4:31
7.The Battle Of Endor - Part 2 (Leia Is Wounded / The Duel Begins / Overtaking The Bunker / The Dark Side Beckons / The Emperor's Death)10:02
8.The Battle Of Endor - Part 3 (Superstructure Chase / Darth Vader's Death / The Main Reactor)6:03
9.Leia's News / Light Of The Force3:21
10.Victory Celebration / End Title8:33
11.Ewok Feast / Part Of The Tribe (Source Music)4:00
12.The Forest Battle (Concert Suite) (Archival Bonus Track)4:03
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