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Movie | Released: 1988 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Elora Danan9:45
2.Escape from the Tavern5:04
3.Willow's Journey Begins5:26
4.Canyon of Mazes7:52
5.Tir Asleen10:47
6.Willow's Theme3:54
7.Bavmorda's Spell is Cast18:11
8.Willow the Sorcerer11:55
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Willow - 08/10 - Review of Tom Daish, submitted at
Being lucky enough to live in England, I was able to get Willow fairly easily and at a only mid price. As the James Horner score that every seems to want to get, apart from Cocoon, I was actually a little disappointed at first, some of the cues seemed a little over long and contained some boring parts which you have to listen through in order to get to the good parts. This especially true of Bavmorda's Spell is Cast which at some eighteen minutes long is just too long and you have to wait for nine minutes before any interesting music comes along, a bit of pruning here and there is required I think. However, the are some truly exceptional tracks, the best by far is The Escape from the Tavern which combines the best of James Horner action music with the best James Horner theme. That neatly brings me onto Willow's theme, it really is one of my favourite themes from James Horner, I realise that it is derived from a theme from a Schumann symphony, but the way Horner overlays his elements means that is just superb. The soft and gentle parts are some of Horner's most beautiful (with the possible exception of Casper) and are a welcome rest from the frenetic action and the very loud parts. The playing is superb, The London Symphony Orchestra again and so although the music isn't perfect, the excellent parts outweigh the dull parts.
Willow - 10/10 - Review of Andreas Lindahl, submitted at
Willow is a good score, but I don't worship it like most people seem to do. It's perhaps too "noisy" for my taste. It's been a while since I saw the film, and perhaps that's the reason I don't love the score. I find it hard to like actionmusic, when I don't know what the music is all about.

The music is very thematic and is dominated by two large themes. There is Willow's theme, a heroic theme that almost sounds like a fanfare, and there's Elora Danan's theme, which is a very beautiful, majestic theme. Horner uses the different themes and motives very well in the music.

The tracks on the disc are quite a few, there are eight of them, but instead they are really long, which I don't like. The music is performed by The London Symphony Orchestra, so the performance is above all criticism.
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