The Cass Carnaby Five

Silva Screen Records (738572140472)
TV Series/TV film | Release date: 04/20/2013 | Format: Vinyl
Limited edition: 1500 copies

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# Track   Duration
Side 1
1.This is the Twist From the Fireball XL5 episode 'Space Monster'1:40
2.Formula 5 From the Fireball XL5 episode 'The Doomed Planet'1:23
3.Let's Play Ad Lib From the Thunderbirds episode 'The Cham Cham'2:56
# Track   Duration
Side 2
1.Spoke City Jazz From the Thunderbirds episode 'Thirty Minutes After Noon'1:39
2.Until Midnight From the Captain Scarlet episode 'Big Ben Strikes Again'2:22
3.Double Agent Entertainment From the Joe 90 episode 'Double Agent'2:02
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Soundtracks from the collection: Animation

Captain Scarlet (2012)
Pink Floyd The Wall (1994)
Be Forever Yamato Part 2 (2012)
Leeuwekoning, De (1994)
Finding Nemo: Ocean Favorites (2003)
Mobile Suit Gundam I (1981)
Steamboy (2005)
Arthur Christmas (2011)
Escaflowne (2000)
Nils Holgersson (2014)

Soundtracks from the collection: Anime

Muteki Robo Trider G7 (2005)
Dragon Fist (1990)
ウクレレ・ジブリ (2004)
鉄人28号 音楽集 (2004)
Meitantei Holmes (1995)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 3 (1997)
Arion (1986)
Allegra Fattoria, L' (2006)
Music Box Collection: The World of Hayao Miyazaki (1990)
Armitage III (1995)

Soundtracks from the collection: Anime TV Series

マジンガーZ (2003)
Fivelandia 9 & 10 (2006)
Kidou Senshi Gundam (1991)
Nils Holgersson (2014)
Zoku! TV Manga Shudaika No Ayumi (2005)
Dynamic Pro Films File No.11 & 12 ~Devilman~ ETERNAL EDITION (2003)
Ranma ½ Ongaku Dojo (1989)
Osamu Tezuka No Sekai (2003)
Majokko Daisakusen (1999)
Time Bokan Collection (1991)

Soundtracks from the collection: Limited Editions

Hard 2: Die Harder, Die (2012)
Feccia, La (1999)
Police Academy (2013)
Abandoned, The (2008)
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (2009)
North and South (2008)
Seven Magnificent Gladiators, The (2009)
Best of Everything, The (2001)
Freud (2009)
Mundos sutiles, Los (2013)

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