Rio Bravo

Movie | Release date: 02/16/2015 | Film release: 1959 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Rio Bravo (Main Title Revised)1:29
3.Spitoon (Revised)2:24
4.Wagon Train1:46
5.Rio Bravo (Wagon Train No. 2)1:00
6.The Package1:54
8.Rio Bravo (Dude)3:02
9.Love Theme (Search Me)3:01
13.Paid Killer3:04
14.Love Theme (Hotel Bar)2:39
15.Love Theme (Night Love)0:54
17.In Jail1:16
18.De Guella No. 11:13
19.Love Theme (In Love)2:54
20.De Guella No. 22:49
21.De Guella No. 31:10
22.Rio Bravo (Memories)1:24
23.Exit Jail1:07
24.Love Theme - Hangover3:19
26.Three Horsemen0:49
27.Love Theme (Drinks)0:53
# Track   Duration
1.De Guella No. 42:59
2.More Excitement0:51
3.The Gagging0:39
4.The Gang2:28
5.De Guella No. 51:59
7.Gunfights Nos. 1 & 22:15
8.That Girl1:44
9.My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Saloon Piano)1:03
10.Love Theme (Proposal)2:30
11.Rio Bravo (End Title Alternate No. 1)0:42
12.De Guella (Playout)4:02
13.Love Theme (Playout)2:30
The Extras (Soundtrack)
18.Funeral Drums1:21
19.Rio Bravo (Stumpy)0:27
20.Love Theme (Hotel Bar)2:39
21.De Guella No. 3 (With Harmonica Overlay)1:10
22.The Gang0:20
23.De Guella (Alternate Mandolin)1:33
24.My Rifle, My Pony And Me (End Title Alternate No. 2)0:46
25.Wild Harmonica Chords0:18
26.Rio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles)0:16
27.Rio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles No. 2)0:17
28.Rio Bravo (Wild Victory Whistles No. 3)0:17
29.My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Wild Whistles Duet)0:17
30.My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson)2:11
31.My Rifle, My Pony And Me (Bathroom Vocal) (Dean Martin)1:27
32.Rio Bravo (End Title Film Version (Dean Martin)0:45
The Extras (1959 Cover Singles)
33.“My Rifle, My Pony And Me” (Vocal By Dean Martin)2:44
34.“Rio Bravo” (Vocal By Dean Martin)3:00
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2-CD soundtrack premiere from legendary Howard Hawks western, starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, scored by Dimitri Tiomkin! Walter Brennan, Angie Dickinson also star in landmark film chronicling events that happen after Sheriff John T. Chance locks up Nathan Burdette's murderous brother in his local jail, then finds his town under siege by Burdette and his gang of hired guns. Aided only by drunken deputy Dude, old coot Stumpy and lone gunslinger Colorado, Chance finds his world now offering striking parallels to the siege of The Alamo. Burdette's men vow 'no quarter'. Amongst parallels, ironically, are Tiomkin's music, which introduces his stirring trumpet theme 'De Guella', which became the bugle charge for Santa Anna's armies the following year in John Wayne's epic The Alamo. Stunning trumpet tune plays major role in Rio Bravo. Actual musical architecture of entire score is brilliant! Tiomkin scores for orchestra but saves tutti sections for gunfights, sequences of violence. Opening is gentle mode for guitar, harmonica, low woodwinds. As picture progresses, Tiomkin imbues with embellishing triplet figures with Hispanic flavor, rustles of Mexican guitar, flourishes for marimba, xylophone. Tension abounds. In balance is sensual love theme, often on trombone. But once 'De Guella' arrives, it never lets go. Masterful scoring! Intrada 2-CD set presents entire score from pristine condition mono scoring session masters vaulted at Warner Bros. Also included are cues deleted from final film plus several alternates, two vocals by Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson written by Dimitri Tiomkin/Paul Francis Webster and both original trailer scores. Special treat: Tiomkin recorded full 'playout' versions of 'De Guella' and the 'love theme', possibly intended as 'exit' pieces since original running time approached three hours before editing. Former never-before-heard piece is dynamic, stunning set-piece for trumpet and full orchestra. Stirring! Informative liner notes by Frank DeWald plus 'flipper' cover art featuring dramatic original one sheet artwork, packaged by Joe Sikoryak, bring further excitement to this important release. Dimitri Tiomkin conducts Warner Bros. Orchestra.

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