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Movie | Released: 2010 | Film release: 2010 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.1m2 Free Fall3:05
2.1m2 Free Fall (Revised)3:03
3.1m03 Single Shooter2:05
4.1m04 Meeting Isabelle & Hanzo2:45
5.1m05 Mombasa And Stan's Fight0:59
7.1m06 This Is Hell4:14
8.1m07 Later That Day0:52
9.1m08 Trek-The Rocks0:58
11.2m10 Cage-Trip-Wires3:49
12.2m11 Not Of This Earth2:48
13.2m12 Hound Attack3:59
14.2m13 We're Being Hunted1:12
15.3m14 Help Me3:11
16.3m16 We Run, We Die4:36
17.3m16 We Run, We Die (Insert)1:19
18.3m17 Predator Attack1:45
19.2m18 Death Camp / Meet Mr. Black1:13
20.3m19 Isabelle's Story3:03
21.3m20 They See Our Traps2:25
22.3m21 Over Here2:22
23.3m22 Over Here (Alt)2:22
# Track   Duration
1.4m22 Trek To Noland's-Noland's Place3:21
2.4m25 How Do We Kill Them2:47
3.4m26 We Are Predators1:18
4.4m26 We Are Predators (Alt.)1:19
5.4m27 Smoke2:38
6.4m27 Smoke (Insert)1:26
7.4m28 Where's The Predator2:12
8.5m29 Edwin Alone1:53
9.5m30 Nikolai Blows (Ver. 1)2:06
10.5m30 Nikolai Blows (Ver. 2)2:08
11.5m31 Stans' Last Stand (Ver. 1)1:47
12.5m31 Stans' Last Stand (Ver. 2)1:47
13.5m32 Hanzo's Last Stand3:06
14.5m33 Leg Trap (Ver. 1)2:17
15.5m33 Leg Trap (Ver. 2)2:20
16.5m34 Take Me To The Ship (Ver. 1)2:01
17.5m34 Take Me To The Ship (Ver. 2)2:00
18.5m35 Edwin & Isabelle Captured1:31
19.5m36 Predator Fight-Royce Runs3:09
20.5m37 Twisted Edwin-Royce Returns3:18
21.5m38-29 She's Paralyzed-Prep For Battle-Fire Fight6:03
22.6m40 Royce Vs Predator2:35
23.6m41 Let's Get Off This Planet3:00
24.6m41 Let's Get Off This Planet (Alt.)3:00
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