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Saint Seiya Ω New Cloth-hen Original Soundtrack

TV Series/TV film | Release date: 09/18/2013 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Mirai Saint Ω ~Saint Evolution~ (TVsize)1:43
2.The Four Greater Pallasites Appear2:29
4.Steel Combativeness1:43
5.Looming Menace1:47
6.Time Incursion1:54
7.A New Myth2:37
8.Destination: Blue Earth1:49
9.Echoes of Time1:51
10.Lonesome Eden3:36
11.The Pallasites' Magic Castle2:27
12.Blocked by a Strong Foe2:19
13.Tomorrow's Hero2:05
14.Overcome Your Sorrow2:12
15.Those Days Won't Be Back1:39
16.Blowin' in the Wind1:46
17.The Warrior's Respite1:45
18.Sorrowful Pallas2:25
19.The Saint's Conflict2:06
20.Tragic Resolve -Slow version-2:24
21.Unleashed Power3:09
22.After the Battle2:29
23.Wounded Wings2:33
25.A Prayer for the Saints2:05
26.The Ruler of Time3:43
27.A Fateful Fight3:46
28.Pegasus, Fly2:31
29.Constellations Light Up the Future1:43
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