The Cobbler

Lakeshore Records 03/09/2015 Download
Lakeshore Records 02/24/2015 CD (0780163445626)
Movie Film release: 2014

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.The Cobbler Main Title2:37
2.Lone Figures Meeting0:50
3.Fifty Large1:49
4.New Customer1:13
5.Magical Stitcher2:44
6.Home to Ma’s House0:47
7.Need Repairman1:22
8.Becoming Ludlow3:39
9.Test DriveNick Urata3:55
10.Ma’s WishNick Urata0:50
11.Visiting the Crime Scene1:41
12.Bar Pick up to Mom’s1:19
13.Showering with Kara2:23
14.Pop’s SolesNick Urata1:44
15.Prepping for Dinner0:48
16.Date Night Reunion1:44
17.Date Night Dinner1:40
18.Ma PassesNick Urata1:00
19.Becoming a Badass3:41
20.Ludlow’s Closet1:13
21.Ludlow vs. Ludlow0:52
22.Gotta Pee0:34
23.Stiletto to the Throat1:53
24.Max Goes to the Police1:00
25.What the Crap!0:59
26.Marsha Returns Money0:22
27.Old Man Albert0:50
28.Getting Involved0:41
29.Soloman’s Shoes Deal1:31
30.Mixed Bag of Shoes4:14
31.New YorkNick Urata1:02
32.Carmen Askes Max OutNick Urata1:11
33.Also a CobblerNick Urata1:16
34.Cobbler Medley5:59
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