Cowboy Bebop
CD Box with 4 CDs, CD-Single and a 52-page booklet

Victor Japan (4988002431328)
TV Series/TV film | Release date: 06/21/2002 | Format: CD
Limited edition

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Dialogue 1-010:30
2.Tank! (TV Edit)1:31
3.Dialogue 1-020:15
4.Want It All Back (Clavinet)Mai Yamane4:00
5.Sax Quartet4:00
6.Dialogue 1-030:26
7.Encore Un VerreValentin Coupeau2:48
8.March For Koala1:00
9.Dialogue 1-040:22
10.Felt Tip Pen2:38
11.The Egg And You3:38
12.Dialogue 1-050:24
13.Pot City II (Yab's Dub)2:18
14.Dialogue 1-060:36
15.N.Y. Rush5:02
16.Dialogue 1-070:09
18.Piano Black2:47
19.Dialogue 1-080:10
20.Spokey Dokey (Alternate Take)4:32
21.Forever Broke3:13
22.Dialogue 1-090:09
23.Road To The West (With Rythm)2:52
24.Dialogue 1-100:28
26.Dialogue 1-110:09
27.Digging My Potato4:14
28.Dialogue 1-120:10
29.Rain (Demo Version)Mai Yamane3:23
30.Dialogue 1-130:19
31.Green BirdGabriela Robin1:53
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Dialogue 2-010:33
2.Cats On MarsGabriela Robin2:44
3.Doggy Dog II3:46
4.Doggy Dog III1:49
5.Dialogue 2-020:17
6.Piano Bar I3:03
7.Give And Take5:11
8.Dialogue 2-030:04
9.Cat Blues2:34
10.Dialogue 2-040:30
11.The Singing Sea IITulivu-Donna Cumberbatch4:22
12.Dialogue 2-050:25
14.Waltz For Zizi3:29
15.Dialogue 2-060:08
16.Kawaisou Na Faye (High Socks)1:06
17.Farewell Blues (Alternate Take)4:29
18.Dialogue 2-070:51
19.Words That We Couldn't SaySteve Conte3:27
20.Dialogue 2-080:09
21.Space Lion (Orgel Version)1:34
22.Waste Land1:51
23.Dialogue 2-090:43
24.Goodnight Julia1:48
25.Space Lion7:06
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Dialogue 3-010:08
2.Go Go Cactus (Guitar Version)0:55
3.Dialogue 3-020:13
4.Too Good Too Bad2:34
5.Dialogue 3-030:06
7.Dialogue 3-040:12
8.Yuuenchi (Amusement Park)3:44
9.On The Run3:49
10.Dialogue 3-050:24
11.Episode 23 (Dialogue Added)4:51
12.Dialogue 3-060:05
13.Don't Bother None (Long Version)Mai Yamane5:01
14.Dialogue 3-070:24
15.Wo Qui Non CoinAoi Tada2:35
16.Kawaisou Na Faye (Lip Cream)1:03
17.Call Me Call MeSteve Conte4:42
18.Dialogue 3-080:24
20.Adieu (Long Version)Emily Bindiger6:12
21.Dialogue 3-090:20
22.See You Space CowboysMai Yamane5:55
23.Dialogue 3-100:19
24.BlueMai Yamane5:01
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Tank! (Live)4:00
2.Rush (Live)4:12
3.What Planet Is This (Live)4:52
4.Too Good Too Bad (Live)2:30
5.Bad Dog No Biscuit (Live)4:30
6.Call Me Call Me (Live)Steve Conte5:18
7.Mushroom Hunting (Live)4:08
8.The Real Folk Blues (Live)Mai Yamane6:06
9.Piano Solo (Live)7:50
10.Ask DNA4:51
11.SF Game Center1:26
13.Old School Game1:04
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Wandering Cowboy (ED)Aoi Tada3:18
2.Fascinating Horse Ride (Andy)2:43
3.Wandering Cowboy (Ein)3:18
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