Merlin's Apprentice

TV Series/TV film | Released: 2005 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 500 copies

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# Track   Duration
1.Main Title/ I Must Have Answers3:28
2.The Meaning Of Camelot2:12
3.Rats Like You0:37
4.Thieves Are The Worst Kind2:10
5.Jack Escapes The Square1:15
6.Grail Will Not Return1:36
7.The Grail Appears1:46
8.Replant The Dream1:52
9.The Heart Of Camelot2:02
10.Lost Ring Found1:33
11.They Don't Knight Women1:48
12.I've Sworn An Oath1:04
13.Test Of Your Willings1:25
14.Camelot's Last Hope0:55
15.Future Of Camelot1:53
16.Foul Love2:52
18.Honor Not Glory1:25
19.Flashback To Lawrence Young Arthur2:20
20.Show Me0:46
21.Merlin's Son2:37
22.We Have Magic To Do1:27
23.You're My Son1:13
24.Finding Strength1:38
25.Death Of A Father2:16
26.Come Away With Me0:46
27.Weston Bonds With Jack3:43
28.Jack Drowns His Guilt2:41
29.Jack's Underwater Vision1:05
30.Graham Defends Camelot1:43
31.Lovers' Kiss1:50
32.The Lady Returns0:49
33.A Proposal Refused1:34
34.Brianna's Deceit4:10
35.Invitation To The Dark Side1:19
36.Graham's Farewell2:07
37.In The Service Of Weston/The Grail Revealed2:38
38.Stain Be Gone1:09
39.Rauskaug's Revenge1:05
40.Madness Undone2:50
41.Bulding New Camelot2:11
42.Land Of The Dead2:19
43.End Credits2:04
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Produced eight years after their hit mini-series 'Merlin', Hallmark Entertainment's 2006 production 'Merlin's Apprentice' picks up fifty years after the events of the original series. After learning that the Holy Grail had departed from Camelot, the legendary wizard takes on a student with rudimentary magical powers in order to stop the forces of evil. Directed by David Wu, the series features original music by Canadian composer Lawrence Shragge. The director/composer duo's other credits include Snow Queen, Webs, Son of the Dragon and Iron Road. Shragge's music combines live musicians (strings, all solo instruments) with a simulated orchestra in order to bring the audience innocence, wonder and magic from this post-Arthurian adventure. Featuring brand new themes for major characters and a haunting composition for the Grail itself, KeepMoving Records' new CD collects together the best cues from the two part mini-series with a special focus on highlighting the live musicians who participated in the score. Liner notes by Gergely Hubai discuss the series, the score and the collaborations of David Wu and Lawrence Shragge based a new interview with the composer.
' Merlin's Apprentice ' Original Television Soundtrack
Limited Edition of 500 copies
Label: KMRCD 021
Date: 2005
Tracks: 43
Time: 79'31

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