Star Trek: Enterprise Collection
Limited Collection

La-La Land Records (826924133026)
TV Series/TV film | Release date: 12/02/2014 | Format: CD
Limited edition: 3000 copies

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# Track   Duration
Dennis McCarthy
1.Where My Heart Will Take Me1:25
4.Daniels Arrives3:02
5.Hide and Seek3:34
6.No Return3:41
7.A Refresher1:43
8.Playing Possum2:16
9.The Captain2:25
11.Florida Attack0:47
12.On the Team2:12
13.Now There Is One / Loop-de-Loop5:02
14.Blocked Exit2:57
17.Rip Van Winkle / Angst2:05
18.Showdown / Back to the Past6:59
19.Street Walkin’3:05
20.Kir’Shara Activated3:29
21.Re–Cap Enterprise 0751:32
22.Ready to Fire3:27
23.Countdown Begins1:10
24.Hays Departs1:34
25.Recap–Enterprise 0781:10
26.Fight to the Death3:06
27.Stukas Coming / The Vortex3:11
28.Timeline Restored1:19
29.Home at Last1:39
30.Where My Heart Will Take Me1:03
# Track   Duration
Jay Chattaway
1.Where My Heart Will Take Me1:22
2.Old City2:34
3.Entering the Reactor / Reactor Surprise3:13
5.Taking Back Enterprise / Capitan a Capitan /7:43
6.Hangin’ Offense1:01
7.Gunfight / Final Fight4:17
8.New School0:59
9.Sphere Builder On Board /12:03
10.My Captain2:29
11.Daniels’ Goodbye2:50
12.Meet Surak1:37
13.Archer Remembers Cave / Vulcans7:03
14.Slave Girl Dance2:07
15.Kelby Under the Spell1:20
16.Captain Romantic /4:00
17.Harrad-Sar Attacks /5:27
18.Five Seconds to Impact2:02
19.Her Name Is Elizabeth1:19
20.Archer’s Speech1:49
22.Into the Sunset0:32
23.Where My Heart Will Take Me0:49
# Track   Duration
Dennis McCarthy
1.Archer’s Theme (Unused Main Title)1:24
Mark McKenzie
2.Travis in Sweet Spot /1:37
3.Up Your Alley4:18
4.Star Map1:16
5.We’re Under Attack1:50
6.Band of Brothers3:33
7.Never Better Sir1:23
David Bell
8.Phaser Cuts Log1:48
9.Doc's First Installment /3:46
Paul Baillargeon
10.Sanctuary Interrupted0:47
11.Sensor Array2:32
12.Force Field Ready / Take Me Home /3:28
13.Prototype Crash3:34
14.See You Out There1:41
John Frizzell
16.Turning the Tables4:12
Velton Ray Bunch
17.First Encounter2:03
18.Taking Risks / Showdown4:44
19.Pineapple Cake0:59
20.Warm Welcome1:14
21.Geskana Match / Archer Goes for Goal2:52
22.Trip's Menu1:23
23.The Rescue3:00
24.Not Why We're Here0:59
25.In Memoriam0:43
26.Warp Drive Test3:08
27.You Owe Me One3:51
28.Recap / Teaser–Enterprise 0821:51
29.Pathogen Bomb3:27
30.Goodbye Doc0:39
Dennis McCarthy
31.Archer’s Theme (End Credits)0:39
# Track   Duration
Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner
1.First Contact Revisited1:49
2.Mirror Main Title From Enterprise1:21
4.Dangerous Seduction2:43
5.Counter Attack2:31
6.Boarding the Defiant2:23
7.Tholian Web2:08
8.Abandon Enterprise1:59
9.Recap–Enterprise 0951:00
10.Defiant Trapped / Defiant Fights Back2:49
11.T’Pol Interrogation1:31
12.Booby Trap2:26
13.Gorn to Die2:53
14.Defiant to the Rescue2:14
15.T’Pol Busted2:05
16.Phlox Sabotage1:55
17.Avenger Attacks2:02
18.Empress Hoshi1:16
Brian Tyler
19.Borg Crash Site / Borg Awakening3:13
20.Archer Tells Plan / Distress Call /3:10
21.Hive Mind / Borg Hunt /6:43
22.Borg Attack / Borg Attack 27:23
23.Message in a Bottle / Postponed0:58
Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner
24.Freeze Program / Enterprise D0:59
25.Narrow Escape1:24
26.Under Attack / Trip Hurt4:28
27.Trip's Possessions /1:46
Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage & Gene Roddenberry, Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner
28.Heroic / Trek Theme Montage2:11
Dennis McCarthy & Lalo Schifrin
29.Archer’s Theme (End Credits) / Paramount Studios Logo0:51
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La-La Land Records and CBS proudly present the original television soundtrack to STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, starring Scott Bakula, John Billingsley and Jolene Blalock. This stunning 4-CD collection showcases the powerful work of the notably talented composers who kept this prequel STAR TREK series at warp speed for four exciting seasons. The music expertly runs the gambit from the bold and thrilling to the thoughtful and emotional – it’s essential science fiction music that touches the heart while it opens the mind. Disc One features the music of Dennis McCarthy, Disc Two showcases Jay Chattaway’s work, while Disc Three’s “Veterans and New Recruits” highlights a variety of composers as does Disc Four’s “Fan Favorites,” which includes music from such episodes as In A Mirror, Darkly, Parts I and II and “Regeneration” among others. Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall and mastered by James Nelson, this special release of 3000 Units includes a 36-Page Booklet featuring in-depth notes by writer Jeff Bond, with new comments from McCarthy, Chattaway and others.

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