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Judge Dredd

Movie | Released: 2011 | Film release: 1995 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
1.Judge Dredd4:50
2.There Were Judges ...3:49
3.Mega City3:58
4.Dredd Arrives1:59
5.Block War3:08
6.... and Over0:19
7.Aspen Penal Colony0:36
8.Rico Escapes0:20
9.The Meaning of Being a Judge1:07
10.Abc Warrior0:40
11.Mean Machine1:50
12.It's a Lie ... I Am the Law2:09
13.I'm Judge Joseph Dredd1:02
14.I Just Need to Look in Your Eyes2:28
15.Gilty the Long Walk4:49
16.Desert Crush2:01
17.Angel Family1:40
18.There Were Judges... (alternate)4:57
19.Block War (alternate)4:42
20.Angel Family (alternate)5:37
# Track   Duration
1.We Created You / Judge Fargo's Death2:27
2.Troops in the Streets1:23
3.Tunnel Run0:59
4.Council Chaos / Air Chase5:54
6.Judge Rico1:03
8.New World1:47
9.I'm the Law1:03
10.Fight on Liberty Statue's Head2:37
12.End Credits / Dredd Suite5:36
13.We Created You (alternate)3:49
14.Revelations (alternate)1:07
15.New World (alternate)7:37
16.Epilogue (alternate)1:42
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