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Star Wars Trilogy
The Original Soundtrack Anthology Boxset

Movie | Released: 1993 | Format: CD

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Star Wars
1.Twentieth Century Fox Fanafre with CinemaScope Alfred Newman0:22
2.Main Title5:23
3.Imperial Attack6:41
4.The Desert / The Robot Auction2:51
5.The Little People Work4:08
6.The Princess Appears4:06
7.The Land of the Sand People2:55
8.The Return Home2:48
9.Inner City4:44
10.Mouse Robot / Blasting Off4:03
11.Rescue of the Princess4:48
12.The Walls Converge4:33
13.Ben's Death / TEI Fighter Attack3:51
14.Princess Leia's Theme4:23
15.The Last Battle12:13
16.The Throne Room / End Titles5:32
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
The Empire Strikes Back
1.Twentieth Century Fox Fanafre with CinemaScope Alfred Newman0:22
2.main Title / The Imperial Probe (Extended Version)7:58
3.Luke's Escape3:34
4.Luke's Rescue1:45
5.The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)2:59
6.The Battle in the Snow3:45
7.Luke's First Crash4:12
8.The Rebels Escape Again2:59
9.The Asteroid Field4:14
10.Yoda's Theme3:26
11.hans Solo and the Princess3:26
12.the Training of a Jedi Knight3:13
13.The MAgic Tree3:32
14.Yoda and the Force4:02
15.City in the Clouds6:50
16.Lando's Palace3:52
17.The Duel4:14
19.Finale / End Credits6:18
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Return of the Jedi
1.Twentieth Century Fox Fanafre with CinemaScope Alfred Newman0:22
2.Main Title / Approaching the Death Star5:18
3.Han Solo Returns (at the Court of Jabba the Hutt)4:06
4.Fight in the Dungeon3:38
5.The return of the Jedi4:59
6.The Emperor Arrives2:05
7.The Death of Yoda6:03
8.Parade of the Ewoks3:25
9.Luke and Leia4:43
10.The Emperor Confronts Luke3:26
11.Into the Trap2:36
12.First Ewok Battle / Fight with the Fighters7:18
13.The Forest Battle4:01
14.Final Duel / Into the Death Star3:37
15.The Emperor's Death2:41
16.Darth Vader's Death2:31
17.Through the Flames1:36
18.Leia Breaks the News / Funeral Pyre for a Jedi2:19
19.Ewok Celebration / Fianle7:58
# Track Artist/Composer Duration
Outtakes and Previously Unreleased Music
1.Twentieth Century Fox Fanafre with CinemaScope Alfred Newman0:22
2.Main Title (Alternate) (Star Wars)2:16
3.Heroic Ewok / The Fleet Goes into Hyperspace (Return of the Jedi)3:05
4.A Hive of Villainy(Star Wars)2:12
5.Destruction of Alderaan(Star Wars)1:31
6.Drawing the Battle Lines / Leia's Instructions(The Empire Strikes Back)4:02
7.The Ewok Battle(Return of the Jedi)2:48
8.Attack Position(The Empire Strikes Back)3:04
9.Crash Landing(The Empire Strikes Back)3:35
10.Cantina Band(Star Wars)2:46
11.Lapti Nek(Return of the Jedi) Sung by Michelle Gruska2:48
12.Cantina Band #2(Star Wars)3:44
13.Faking the Code(Return of the Jedi)4:10
14.Brother and Sister(Return of the Jedi)3:08
15.Standing By(Star Wars)1:14
16.Leia is Wounded / Luke and Vader Duel(Return of the Jedi)2:57
17.Carbon Freeze / Luke Pursues the Captives / Departure of Boba Fett(The Empire Strikes Back)11:08
18.Losing a Hand(The Empire Strikes Back)5:20
19.The Return of the Jedi (Aternate)(Return of the Jedi)5:03
20.Leia Breaks the News (Alternate) / Funeral Pyre for a Jedi (Film Version)(Return of the Jedi)2:57
21.Ewok Celebration (Film Version) / End Credits (Film Version)(Return of the Jedi / The Empire Strikes Back)6:22
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