Dark Prophecy
A Level 26 Thriller

MovieScore Media (700261311760)
Movie | Release date: 10/12/2010 | Film release: 2010 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Dark Prophecy1:38
2.Henry's Theme3:19
3.Three of Cups3:16
5.Deeper Waters3:38
6.Dark and Hilda3:06
7.The Fool1:06
8.Because You Care1:18
9.Dark's Decision1:48
10.Ten of Wands1:36
11.Victims and Visions5:33
12.Five of Pentacles2:58
13.The Devil3:49
14.Death and Life5:26
15.I Choose Life4:26
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Dark Prophecy - 07/10 - Review of John Mansell, submitted at

I love scores for horror and physiological thrillers and in this particular case it’s certainly evident why I am attracted to such soundtracks. This is an intelligently written work and includes subtle and calming nuances throughout its running time, these act as peaceful and warming passages which not only compliment and enhance the darker elements of the soundtrack, but also for me anyway, seem to strengthen the overall appeal and power of the work. Composer Bill Brown, has fashioned a score that is made up of symphonic music and also electronic sound design, he has successfully fused the two elements and crafted an effective and at times haunting and melodic work, that tantalises the listener and also manages to make them somewhat uneasy at times. Delicate usage of piano and underlying strings at certain points within the soundtrack certainly have the desired effect of creating an almost secure and warm atmosphere, but at the same time the composer initiates a sense of the unknown or unearthliness which undulates in the background and remains present for the majority of the score. This is a soundtrack that has been painstakingly constructed with much attention to detail and clarity of sound and direction. It enhances without overpowering and simply mesmerises the listener. Track 14, DEATH AND LIFE is a haunting and attractively romantically slanted composition, which begins with delicate sounding piano that prudently picks out a tender sounding begining, this is given more depth and richness by the utilisation of strings that underline and support the opening, both piano and strings are interwoven to create an almost caressing musical sensation, cello then takes the forefront and mournfully but lovingly lifts the composition to new emotive heights. The composer is to be congratulated on creating a score that is so varied and diverse and one which will I am certain please many collectors of fine music for film.

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