The Godfather Trilogy

Movie | Release date: 03/04/2014 | Format: CD, Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Main title, the godfather waltz ("The godfather (Part I)") 
2.I have but one heart ("The godfather (Part I)") 
3.The pick-up ("The godfather (Part I)") 
4.Connie's wedding ("The godfather (Part I)") 
5.The halls of fear ("The godfather (Part I)") 
6.Sicilian pastorale ("The godfather (Part I)") 
7.Love theme from "The godfather" ("The godfather (Part I)") 
8.The godfather waltz ("The godfather (Part I)") 
9.Apollonia ("The godfather (Part I)") 
10.The new godfather ("The godfather (Part I)") 
11.The baptism ("The godfather (Part I)") 
12.The godfather (Finale) ("The godfather (Part I)") 
13.Main title ("The godfather (Part II)") 
14.A new carpet ("The godfather (Part II)") 
15.Kay ("The godfather (Part II)") 
16.Every time I look in your eyes (After the party) ("The godfather (Part II)") 
17.Vito and abbondando ("The godfather (Part II)") 
18.Napule ve salute 
19.The godfather at home ("The godfather (Part II)") 
20.Remember Vito Andolini ("The godfather (Part II)") 
21.Michael comes home ("The godfather (Part II)") 
22.Marcia stile Italiano ("The godfather (Part II)") 
23.Ninna Nanna a Michele ("The godfather (Part II)") 
24.The brothers Mourn ("The godfather (Part II)") 
25.Murder of Don Fanucci (Marcia religiosa) ("The godfather (Part II)") 
26.Murder of Don Fanucci (Marcia festa) ("The godfather (Part II)") 
27.The godfather II (End title) ("The godfather (Part II)") 
# Track   Duration
1.Main title ("The godfather (Part III)") 
2.Godfather waltz ("The godfather (Part III)") 
3.Marcia religiosa ("The godfather (Part III)") 
4.Michael's letter ("The godfather (Part III)") 
5.The imigrant / Love theme of the godfather III ("The godfather (Part III)") 
6.Godfather waltz ("The godfather (Part III)") 
7.To each his own ("The godfather (Part III)") 
8.Vincent's theme ("The godfather (Part III)") 
9.Altobello ("The godfather (Part III)") 
10.The godfather III (Intermezzo) ("The godfather (Part III)") 
11.Va pensiero ("The godfather (Part III)") 
12.Tarantella ("The godfather (Part III)") 
13.Mazurka alla siciliana ("The godfather (Part III)") 
14.Promise me you'll remember ("The godfather (Part III)") 
15.Preludio from "Cavalleria rusticana" ("The godfather (Part III)") 
16.A casa amiche from "Cavalleria rusitcana" ("The godfather (Part III)") 
17.Preghiera from "Cavalleria rusticana" ("The godfather (Part III)") 
18.Finale from "Cavalleria rusticana" ("The godfather (Part III)") 
19.Coda (The godfather III) ("The godfather (Part III)") 
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The Godfather Trilogy - 01/10 - Review of At Close Range , submitted at
Forget about it! those tracks are not the originals from Rota and Coppola, all this crap is made by MCPS, well known for this kind of fake.

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