The Night of the Rabbit
Original Daedalic Entertainment Game Soundtrack

Game soundtrack | Release date: 08/29/2014 | Format: Download

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# Track   Duration
1.The Night of the Rabbit2:39
2.Home Is Where You Are Remembered1:53
3.The Marquis Do Hoto1:34
4.Welcome to Mousewood1:41
5.Walking Mousewood1:35
6.A Nice Day to Be a Mouse1:38
7.Near the River1:56
8.Fields and Paths2:08
9.Dark Woods1:41
10.Wood Dwarves1:31
11.Wood Dwarves (Sick)1:31
12.The Rabbit's Birthday Party1:44
13.Mousewood at Night1:38
14.Fields and Paths at Night1:30
15.Near the River at Night1:29
16.Dark Woods at Night1:45
17.Strange Places1:42
18.The Mysterious Woodsprite1:47
19.The Old Magician of Mousewood1:04
20.A Game of Cards1:54
21.The Land of Green2:09
22.The Land of Foxes1:28
23.The Land of Ice2:02
24.Jerry Hazelnut1:41
25.A Promise Broken1:51
26.A Horrible Sight1:18
27.The Fall of the Great Zaroff0:55
28.The Courage of a Treewalker1:28
29.The Lizard of Consortium1:35
30.Well Done, Jerry0:06
31.The Clearing of the First Tree1:48
32.The Clearing of the First Tree (Version 2)1:44
33.Zaroff's Show1:31
34.Duet of Plato and Kitsune0:51
35.The Four Nails of Zaroff0:43
36.The Four Nails of Zaroff (Extended Version)1:13
37.Welcome to Mousewood (Festival Version)1:41
38.Welcome to Mousewood (Festival Version 2)1:41
39.The Fifth Portal0:20
40.The Fifth Portal (Extended Version)1:38
41.Mousewood Radio1:58
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